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Acular (Ketorolac Tromethamine)


Acular is a strong nonnarcotic analgetic which has an anti-inflammatory action.

This medication provides an expressed analgetic, anti-fever and strong anti-inflammatory pharmacological effect. A mechanism of the action is connected with inhibition of the activity of COX, a main enzyme of metabolism of arachidonic acid which is a predecessor of prostaglandins that play important role in the pathogeny of the inflammation, pain and fever. The analgetic action of the drug is so expressed that it surpasses its positive anti-inflammatory effect, and therefore, oftentimes, Acular is used to reduce a severe pain syndrome of the various etiology than as a remedy to remove inflammation and fever.

This remedy does not belong to opiates and does not affect the central opiate receptors, breathing and does not increase the suppression of the breathing, and that is why it differs by the high safety and in most cases it is well tolerated without any side effects.

Indications for the use:

- pain syndrome of the severe and mild intensity: trauma, toothache, pains in postnatal and postoperational period, pain in back

- oncological diseases

- myalgia, arthralgia, neuralgia

- radiculitis

- displacements, muscle pull

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As Acular is a strong analgetic it must be taken according to the instruction and doctor’s recommendations. If you are prescribed this medication for the treatment of the chronic pain syndrome appeared as a result of the severe disease, it is necessary to use the drug strictly in accordance with the prescription.

- The average dose for adults is 10 mg every 4-6 hours, prescribed for the pain syndromes of the middle level of the severity

- 20 mg is prescribed for the severe types of the pain 3-4 times per day

- The maximal daily dose is 90 mg/day

- Patients with the body weight lower than 50 kg take the daily dose not higher than 60 mg

- The maximal length of the drug administration is 5 days


- Acular is not indicated for the use during pregnancy and lactation

- If the drug is needed to be taken during lactation, it is necessary to solve the question about the termination of the breast-feeding

- The drug is taken with caution by patients with dysfunction of liver and kidney, chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension

- It is not recommended to use Acular in combination with other analgetics of the identical action as this may lead to the overdose

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