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Adefovir (Hepsera)


Adefovir is a time-tested drug of a narrow scope of action, designed to deal with hepatitis B. The preparation debuted on the market under the name of Preveon Hepsera, but after several years it became available under the brand of Adefovir (yet it is also available under the range of other brand names). The medication represents an NtRTI inhibitor for peroral use.

Neither efficiency nor tolerability of the drug was tested in children and aged patients; respectively, the medicament is recommended for 18 - 65 years old group. Adefovir should not be considered as a medication designed to treat HBV completely - the medication can only partially eliminate the presence of virus. Adefovir may also prevent the further development of the disease through neutralizing infectious cells.

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The history

The original formula takes its roots in Czech Republic - the mass production became possible due to the efforts of OCBAS academy, cooperating with Preveon Company - both were involved in the development of HIV drug. Nevertheless, a few months after a release in 1999 a commission of experts organized to study the reasonability of approving the novelty voiced its concerns and advised FDA, the authoritative US organization, to refrain from giving the green light to issuing an approval.

The scientists and the manufacturer have ceased further production and researches, and switched to the work on hepatitis B remedy, demonstrating efficiency at a way lower dose - 10mg. It took the tandem 3 years to develop the drug and get the approval from FDA. Finally, Adefovir became available to the wider audience as Hepsera brand. The status of the drug is confirmed in Europe as well, the legal approval was granted in 2003.

Indications for use

The medication is primarily designed to treat hepatitis B and a simple type of herpes. Despite the widespread misbelief, the drug demonstrates no efficiency in treating HIV.

How it works?

After entering the gastrointestinal tract adefovir dipivoxil is rapidly converted into adefovir. The highest concentration in plasma is observed after no less than 4 hours after administration. Bioavailability is estimated at about 60%. When the medication is taken with food a full absorption of the drug takes place still, yet it takes more time and the amount of the absorbed substance does not decrease as compared with the fasting state. Adefovir is found in many tissues and organs, but most commonly it builds in the kidneys, liver and intestines. The plasma protein binds only 4% of the formulation. Adefovir is excreted by the kidneys, while its half-life equals around 7 hours.

Important information

An Adefovir course bears a risk of HBV complications after abandonment of the course. The period for manifestation of undesired impact is estimated at 12 weeks. Therefore, if for some reason you cease the treatment a regular medical supervision is required in order not to allow the development of a complication.

The preparation can also provoke nephrotoxicity, a serious kidney disease. The chances for the development are significantly higher in those individuals suffering from kidney issues. However, the clinical data confirms the non-desired disease can be caused without any kidney problem background. Therefore, when undergoing the course regular monitoring and blood tests are highly recommended to control kidney function changes.

The treatment should also be cancelled in case of any allergic reactions to any components or individual intolerability.

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