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Agarol Laxative


Agarol Laxative is a laxative containing liquid paraffin. This remedy can quickly and easily remove constipation and regulate stool. The pharmacological action of this remedy is characterized by the light stimulating effect on the motility of the small and large intestine. It makes soft dejection due to which they quickly and easily pass trough the intestine and are not kept in the body. This drug is represented as a remedy for the entire family because it has a high level of the pharmacological safety and provides an effective action for both children and adults.

In general, Agarol Laxative completely restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract and allows to restore a normal stool for a short period of time without using difficult and unpleasant devices. As this remedy contains only proved and reliable components you may not worry about its uptake and efficiency.

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Agarol Laxative is usually prescribed by a health care professional if a patient does not have stool for a long period of time or it is irregular. Also this remedy can be taken on your own as it does not require special knowledge and medical qualifications.

- adults and children over 6 years old are usually prescribed 15-30 ml once per day, before going bed

- children at the age of from 3 to 6 years old are prescribed 10-15 ml once per day

- the dose can be diluted with water or taken with a glass of water

- the course of the treatment should not be more than 5 days

- the pharmacological action starts after the first use of the medication and usually 3-4 days are enough to regulate stool and work of the intestine.


- It is not recommended to take Agarol Laxative for a long period of time without doctor’s order. You may hurt yourself upsetting the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and you will have problems with fecal incontinence

- The long-term use may cause hypovitaminosis A, E, K and atony of the intestine

- The drug must not be prescribed pregnant women because of the possible reflex stimulation of the uterus

- Agarol Laxative is contraindicated for use by patients with the increased sensitivity to the components of this drug and anti-inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, bleedings from the intestine, and fever

- If you experience symptoms of the side effects or allergic reaction while taking this remedy, you have to go to your attending doctor.

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