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Alavert (Loratadine)


Loratadine is a popular anti-allergic drug offering an expressed antihistamines and antipruritic action. Loratadine is referred to the class of long-action blockers of H1-histamine receptor, suppressing the release of histamine, serotonin, leukotrienes from mast cells that trigger the development of allergic symptoms. In the opinion of World Health Organization medical experts, the preparation is included in the register of vital medicines. According to the results of statistical studies conducted by experts of WHO in May 2012, more than 40 percent of the Earth's inhabitants suffer from allergy symptoms.

Allergy is an excessively severe reaction to the coming of the environmental substances (allergens). Among the most widely spread forms of allergies respiratory, medicinal, nutritional, infectious, insect and skin allergies are defined. The drug loratadine, according to instructions, helps to effectively fight the symptoms of allergic reactions of various etiologies.

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How does Loratadine works in the treatment of allergies?

The principal mechanism of hypersensitivity is an overreaction of the immune system to substances that previously were not perceived by the body as foreign agents. May contribute to the pathology stress, hypothermia, concomitant acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

By blocking the H1-histamine receptors, loratadine helps to prevent the release of histamine, serotonin, leukotriene, bradykinin from mast cells, resulting in a decrease of exudative phenomena (swelling of tissues), treatment of spasms of smooth muscle and reduction of permeability of blood capillaries. After oral drug absorbed in the small intestine, therapeutic effect occurs already after 30 minutes, the maximum efficiency observed after 8-12 hours after ingestion, the duration equals 24 hours. Loratadine has no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier to the development of drug addiction is not marked. Existing components are excreted primarily through the kidneys.

Indications for use drugs

According to Loratadine instructions, the preparation is prescribed in case of:

- Allergic rhinitis

- Conjunctivitis

- Hay fever (seasonal allergic to pollen, grasses and trees)

- Hives

- Angioneurotic edema (angioedema)

- Pruritic dermatoses

- Pseudoallergic reaction

- Allergic reactions arising from insect bites

- In the treatment of diseases associated with allergic reactions

- Food allergy

Administration regimen

The loratadine abstract contains the following treatment regimens: Adults as well as children whose weight is more than 30 kg are prescribed 10 mg (1 tablet) or 2 teaspoons of syrup (10 mg / 10 ml) once a day.For children whose weight is less than 30 kg administered 5 mg (half tablets) or 1 teaspoon syrup (5mg / 5ml) once per day. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of symptoms, and should be determined by the attending physician. Before use, you must familiarize yourself with the summary of the drug, which contains a detailed description of the indications, contraindications, methods of drug administration.

Precautions & side effects

When receiving loratadine may cause side effects: headache, drowsiness, fatigue, allergic reactions. In rare cases, nausea, vomiting, liver function disorders.

The list of contraindications includes the following items:

- intolerance to components

- pregnancy and lactation

- apply with caution in those operating complex machinery or driving vehicles

Can I use loratadine during pregnancy and lactation?

Loratadine during pregnancy and women who are breastfeeding children up to a year, to appoint not recommended, as its components may penetrate the placenta and have a negative impact on the fetus and newborn. Women during pregnancy and breast-milk feeding period are typically recommended to take advantage of natural allergy remedies that have less side effects.

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