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Albenza (Albendazol)


An anthelminthic drug Albenza is one of the best medical products for the treatment of the parasitic infections. Nowadays the active component of this medication (albendazole) is used in most anthelminthic remedies and prescribed for the treatment of the severe forms of worms and parasites by doctors all around the world. This drug changes the course of the biochemical processes of worms, inhibits utilization of glucose and blocks movement of the needed for life components in the muscular cells of the worms, and thus destroys them. It acts on intestinal and tissue types of the parasites. It is active as for eggs, larvae and adult helminthes.

Directions for the use:

- enterobiasis

- hymenolepiasis

- teniasis

- skin larvae migrans

- lambliasis in children

- ascariasis

- trichinosis

- hydatid disease of liver, lung and peritoneum

- mixed helminthiasis

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The treatment of helminthes should be complex without restricting the use of the anthelminthic tablets. Before starting therapy it is better to consult a health care provider who will be able to find out the type of worms and make an exact diagnosis in order to provide you with effective treatment.

- The drug is taken orally after eating. The tablets are not chewed and they are taken with a glass of water

- The average dose of Albenza is 0,4 g once a day

- The drug should be taken for 3 days, and then there should be 3-week break. When the signs of helminthes appears, it is necessary to repeat the course in 3 weeks

- It is not recommended to take the tablet for a long time because this may lead to the liver defeat

- Children under 6 years need the adjustment of the dose as well as patients with expressed chronic diseases of the internals


- hypersensibility to Albenza is a contraindications for the use of this drug. If possible ask your doctor about the substitution for this medical product

- the drug is taken carefully during defeat of the retina, inhibition of bone-marrow hemopoiesis, hepatic failure and liver cirrhosis. if these diseases are present, your attending doctor can prohibit you the use of this drug for purposes of your safety

- the use of Albenza is not recommended during pregnancy

- in the period of lactation it is better to use bottle feeding of a child

- at the first days of the treatment you may have the side effects. If these reactions become worse, turn to the attending doctor.

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