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Alesse (Levonorgestrel)


Alesse is the brand name for the generic drug Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol that is available in the form of tablets. This drug is used to prevent pregnancy. This drug is also available in other brand names like Levora, Lybrel, Tri-Levlen, Trivora, Nordette, Enpresse, Aviane, Sronyx, Portia, Levlite, Lessina, Triphasil and so on. Consuming this drug makes some changes in cervical mucus so that it is very difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. Moreover it also sees that the fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus. This drug finds its use as a contraceptive in women. This drug is available in packs of 28 where 7 of them will be in different color. These seven tablets should be taken at the end of the cycle for reminding you of the end of your menstrual cycle.

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It is recommended to backup Alesse with some other birth control measures like using condoms or spermicides when you are first using Alesse. You have to take one pill a day usually 24 hours apart. Chances of getting pregnant are there if you stop using Alesse. It is necessary that your doctor is informed of using Alesse if you are to take any medical tests or surgery. Better follow your doctor’s recommendations on when to start taking Alesse.


If you are pregnant you should not use Alesse. People who have history of blood clot, stroke, breast cancer, uterine cancer, liver caner, migraines, and jaundice should not use this medication. If you are using any mineral, vitamin supplements it is better to disclose that to your physician before taking Alesse since some drugs might interact with Alesse nullifying its contraceptive effect. If used during pregnancy it might cause birth defects in the new born baby. If you are breast feeding your baby it is advisable not to take Alesse as it might affect the baby and even slow down the production of milk. Consult your physician for this. It is better not to have this medicine during the first month after giving birth to a baby. Women who have history of depression, gallbladder disease, irregular menstrual cycles, varicose veins, seizures, tuberculosis, high cholesterol, overweight, high blood pressure, heart disorders, and diabetes should consult their doctor before taking Alesse.

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