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Allopurinol (Zyloprim , Allohexal)


Allopurinol is a widely-spread medication used for the treatment of gout in medicine. This meds shows the pharmacological action the cause of the disease and thus it helps a patient quickly and effectively struggle against this severe disorder.

The active components of the drug pass into the patientís body and regulates chemical imbalance. Using the drug there is a reduction of the production of uric acid. Allopurinol blocks enzymes which take part in the production of the uric acid, and therefore there is a reduction of salt concentration of this acid in urine and other liquid medium of the body. This favors the reduction of chances of gout and other severe diseases connected with negative effect of the excessive amount of the uric acid in the body.

Allopurinol also regulates the work of kidneys and other internal organs. The pharmacological action of the drug destroys stones in the kidney. Besides the main anti-gouty action the drug shows general effect. The meds is often used for the treatment of psoriasis, toxicosis, malignant tumors and some other disorders.

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Dosage and course of the treatment is prescribed every patient individually depending on the clinical results. The use of Allopurinol is made under the constant control of the uric acid concentration in the blood and urine. To do this it is necessary to do laboratory tests constantly during the process of the treatment.

The initial dosage of Allopurinol is 100 mg per day. The drug is taken once a day and the dose is gradually increased. At good tolerance of the drug the dosage can be increased up to 300-600 mg 2-4 times per day depending on the disease severity.

The course of the treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of the gout symptoms, or according to the recommendations of a health care provider. During the treatment it is necessary to take about 2 l of liquid a day.


- It is advisable to take the drug under the constant care of the doctor and with all needed tests.

- Allopurinol must be taken with caution during acute severe diseases of kidney/liver, and thyroid gland. Possibly, the adjustment of the dose is needed.

- It is strongly prohibited to take the drug during the high sensitivity to the active components of the drug, pregnancy, or breast-feeding.

- If you have side effects, consult a doctor or pharmacist. Possible, you will be indicated recommendations to the further drug usage.

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