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Amikacin (Amikin)


Amikacin is the brand name of aminoglycoside antibiotics which is utilized for the treatment of microorganisms such as bacterial infections. It is administered in the patients in the form of injections as the composition cannot be consumed orally. Amikacin is also used for treating severe infections which are particularly resistant to several drugs such as the ones caused by the category of Gram negative bacteria and diseases such as tuberculosis in cases when the other prominent drugs fail.

As we have already discussed that drug belongs to a special category of aminoglycoside antibiotics with several brand names which include Amicin, Amikin, Amikacine, Likacin, Miacin and Selemycin. It should also be noted that the Amikacin Sulphate injections are meant for the compendious treatments of those infections which are acute in nature. There are various symptoms of these infections which are specifically related to certain diseases and they include the following:

• Bacterial Septicemia along with sepsis in the new born

• Severe infections of the central nervous system e.g., meningitis, of bones and joints and also of the respiratory tract.

• Furthermore, infections of skin and soft tissues can also be treated with Amikacin

• Amikacin is particularly effective for burns and post operative infections which are also inclusive of those resulting from vascular surgeries.

• The repeated and troublesome infections of the urinary tract.

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Drugs like Amikacin should not be used without consulting the physician and the dosage levels should also be followed according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Moreover, Amikacin, being an antibiotic, it should be used in a similar manner and the correct doses according to the directions of the doctor.


Before getting on with the prescribed doses of Amikacin, it is necessary to discuss with the physician if the patient is already using such medicines and compositions as Amphotercin B, Cisplatin, Ibuprofen, Cephaloridin or OTC as they might interfere with the ingredients of Amikacin. Moreover, the usage of Amikin should be restricted in the patients with following diseases:

• Renal Malfunction

• Hearing problems

• Parkinson Disease

• Conditions like Myasthenia Gravis

Amikin can also prove to be harmful for pregnant women and lead to permanent disorders in the unborn child. However, the uses of Amikacin in permissible doses can be allowed if the risk levels are not too high particularly for the baby and it is always in the best interest of pregnant women to discuss all matters with the doctor.

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