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Amlopres-Z (Amlodipine)


Amlopres-Z is a drug with a soft onset of action providing a gradual development of the antihypertensive effect lasting more than 24 hours. This allows continuous monitoring of blood pressure during the day, except for the night and morning peaks. Due to the prolonged action the preparation is taken once a day - the dose designed to provide a high level of adherence to treatment.

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Pharmacologic effect

According to the annotation the preparation is classified as sustained selective calcium channel blocker, and the exchange is carried out through special channels in the cell membranes. These channels are classified by types 6, they are localized in various organs and tissues.

The drug selectively blocks the L-type channels, which are located in the vascular wall in the myocardium and conductive in cells of the contractile system of cardiac muscle. Thus, an increase in intracellular calcium concentration is blocked, which reduces vascular tone and blood pressure.

The therapeutic effect of amlodipine comes after 2-4 hours of direct reception and this effect lasts throughout the day. The degree of adsorption of the drug does not depend on the reception time and the amount of foods consumed, because the med is absorbed slowly in gastrointestinal tract. The drug is mainly excreted by kidneys; its half-life equals 35 hours.

The main pharmacological properties are the antihypertensive and anti-anginal effects.

In addition to the above effects, the drug has a number of additional features aimed at preventing diseases of organs (kidney, heart, brain), which distinguishes it from similar drugs. Thus, the preparation:

- exhibits a pronounced anti-sclerotic effect

- reduces the natural platelet aggregation

- reduces the probability of ventricular hypertrophy (left)

- provides a cardioprotective effect in ischemic diseases,

- doesn’t have any special effect on the heart rate,

- the metabolism of the drug has no effect (which allows using it during gout treatment).

With the above effects, the medication significantly reduces the risk of such unwanted complications as atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

Instructions for use

The drug is taken periorally. The initial dose for treatment of hypertension and angina is 5 mg once a day. The maximum daily dose is 10 mg daily. During hypertension maintenance the dose varies from 2.5 to 5 mg (1/2 tablet 5 mg - 1 tablet 5 mg) per day. For angina and vasospastic angina treatment - 5-10 mg per day dose can be prescribed; in order to prevent angina attacks - 10 mg per day dose can be issued.


The drug has proved its considerable effectiveness in stable angina treatment; the preparation is also prescribed:

- for the initial treatment of hypertension,

- as a single agent for the optimization of blood pressure in patients,

- for vasospastic angina treatment,

- spasm of the coronary vessels treatment.


The drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

- hypersensitive to components of the drug, particularly dihydropyridine derivatives,

- active hypotension (e.g., a systolic blood pressure may be less than 90 mm Hg),

- acute form of myocardial infarction (especially the first 28 days)

- in cardiogenic shock, collapse,

- unstable angina,

- obstruction of left ventricular outflow stream,

- the age of 18 years (the drug is not used in children because of lack of validated data on the effectiveness and the degree of security).

The medication is prescribed with caution in case of:

- abnormal liver function,

- sick sinus syndrome,

- hypotension,

- diabetes,

- lipid metabolism disorders,

- aortic stenosis,

- mitral stenosis,

- impaired renal function.

Experimental studies as for taking the preparation during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted; therefore, the drug should be used only if benefits for the mother's health are much higher than potential risks to the unborn baby.

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