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Anacin (Aspirin, Caffeine)


Anacin (the combination of aspirin and caffeine) belongs to a group of stimulants and saliculates. The medication affects the organism decreasing the amount of substances that provoke fever, pain and inflammation. Caffeine, as one of the active ingredients, is used to boost the relieving action of aspirin. Consequently, Anacin is prescribed for patients, who suffer from minor arthritis pain, headaches, fever, body ache caused by cold, muscle pain and others. Additionally, the medication is sometimes used as a treatment of angina, heart attack and stroke. Talk to your healthcare provider before you use the medication to improve cardiovascular disorders.

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Recommendations for Use

Doctor’s consultation is an inevitable part of Anacin treatment course. Tell your healthcare provider about all the health complications you have and pharmaceuticals you use to balance them, since your dose will depend on these factors. Keep in mind that a correctly adjusted dose is a key to improved condition.

Follow all the recommendations of the physician to get the advantageous effect of the medicine. Never increase or decrease the drug dose, neither prolong the treatment course. The medication can be administered either with or without food, though you should choose the first variant in case your stomach gets upset. Anacin effervescent tablet or powder should be dissolved in 4 ounces of water. Drink the mixture only after thorough stirring. The medication is used when-needed, so you cannot miss the dose.

Precautions and Contraindications

Your doctor will warn you about all the possible complications and adverse reactions Anacin may trigger. However, to avoid any abnormalities, follow safety recommendations and doctor’s instructions without variations. Do not launch the medication course in case you are allergic to its active ingredients. Having a recent history of intestinal or stomach bleeding, allergy to other medications or foods, current bleeding disorders caused by blood-clotting impairments are conditions that are contraindicated for Anacin use.

The drug should not be administered by anyone with flu or cold symptoms, chicken pox or fever. Aspirin can lead to severe, even fatal complications in children; thus, make sure the healthcare provider approves the drug to be safe. Consult your physician to check if the treatment will produce the desirable effect without complications in people with such conditions as diabetes, serious liver or kidney damages, heart disorders, uncontrolled blood pressure, stomach issues, gout and others. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid Anacin use.

Drug Interactions

Combining Anacin with certain other pharmaceuticals may lead to dangerous and unpredictable reactions. That is why inform your healthcare provider about all the prescription and generic treatments, herbal products and other pharmaceutical supplements. Multiple medications can decrease the effect of Anacin, while others can just activate undesirable side effects. Do not combine the treatment course with other pain relievers, antagonists, Ketoconazole, anxiety or depression medications, sleeping remedies, antihistamines, etc.

Side Effects

Once you have experienced any complications or discomfort after the medication intake, you should call your doctor immediately or address emergency medical help. The most serious reactions that require professional assistance are allergies, confusion, rapid breathing, convulsions, fatigue, fever, vomiting, swelling and others.

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