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Anti-Acidity category

ACIPHEX   more info

Aciphex is used for the treatment of acid ruflex disease. Aciphex has been approved and given its best result over millions of people to relieve from the acid ruflex disease and also for heart burn symptom too.

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NEXIUM   more info

Nexium medication is the type of medication which is otherwise called as an acid pump inhibitor or proton pump inhibitor or the PPI. The stomach lining is made of millions of cells which produce acids and these acids help in the digestion of food inside the stomach.

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PREVACID   more info

Prevacid is also a tablet for the treatment of heart burn. During recent times, this heart burn disease affects millions of people across the world.

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PRILOSEC   more info

Prilosec works as a proton pump inhibitor that helps in decreasing the amount of acid that our stomach produces. Basically, Prilosec is used for treating ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (heartburn or GERD) and other types of conditions that involve excessive production of acid by the stomach like sysmetic mastocytosis.

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PROTONIX   more info

Protonix is the brand name of the generic drug pantoprazole sodium. Protonix is used to treat stomach, throat, and acid reflux problems.

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