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Apcalis SX


Among the drugs, that combat erectile dysfunction, Apcalis SX is not the most famous. This is due to the fact that it is invented not so long ago. Apcalis SX has been created in the United States. But this drug is already striding confidently around the world, pushing far into the background a legendary Viagra. Men from many European countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia have already experienced the effect of the magic orange pill.

What is the uniqueness of Apcalis SX?

The first is that unlike other similar drugs Apcalis SX acts for entire thirty six hours! This can be called a record among such drugs. When the light appears a new drug, it is immediately started checking in a clinical practice. So today, the new ED remedy has successfully endured more than six dozen of such tests. In these trials, pills have been used for more than four thousand representatives of the stronger sex. Men, who participated in the trials, were quite different ages, some of them were even more than eighty years! According to these tests more than eighty percent of men felt the positive effects of the use of Apcalis SX. It was noted and lack of side effects.

Apcalis SX dosage is standard - twenty milligrams of the drug. Here you will not mess up. One tablet will provide you with stable erection for at least a day. At the same time, the pill is easy to use - take it at lunchtime and you can have the sexual act even in the evening. This medication acts by some substances, that relax the muscles and improve blood flow to the penis.

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Apcalis SX for men of all ages

In no case do not take the drug if you are being treated with drugs that include nitrates. You should be especially careful if you have previously observed drug allergies. If your liver and kidneys are in good condition, if you do not suffer from cardiovascular disease, priapism and if you have no deformation of the penis, you can take Apcalis SX without prescription and without consulting your doctor. But this is highly undesirable. After all, you may not know about your health problems. Never combine this med with drugs of a similar action. And even if you are taking any medications, be sure to consult with your doctor further. Because Apcalis SX may affect their performance and vice versa. Apcalis SX has no reaction rate on color vision and other senses. Warning! In some cases it can cause migraine pain, digestive disorders or muscle pain.

Generic Apcalis SX - what is the active ingredient?

This drug active substance is tadalafil. The most frequent drug with the active ingredient Tadalafil is Cialis and its generic Apcalis SX. Needless to say, any generic drug is the same as its "brother". Such drugs are manufactured only by large pharmaceutical companies, which guarantees quality. However, you can find much cheaper generic Apcalis SX itself. Before purchasing the drug or any of its generic need to understand the main cause of your ED. This means that not always generic help to achieve an erection. Apcalis SX is very effective for erectile dysfunction provoked by psychological problems. In such cases, an erection can occur, but is not stable or weak. Do not confuse this product with preparations for excitation. It only provides the appropriate blood flow to the penis. But without sexual stimulation is not able to do anything. If a man is aroused and physiologically not ready to copulate, the drug will not be able to help to achieve erection

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