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Arava (Leflunomide)


Arava is a medical product with the expressed anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive action. This drug is recommended for the treatment of the adult patients with the active form of rheumatoid arthritis for the purpose of the reduction of the disease symptoms and delay of the development of the structural damage of joints because it is able to regulate the metabolic processes in cartilaginous tissues. Nowadays Arava is the main antirheumatic drug and used on the territory of the most countries of the world including the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, and UK.

This drug reduces symptoms well and slows down the advance of the joint damage during the active form of rheumatoid arthritis.

The therapeutic effect occurs in 4-6 weeks but it is not recommended to terminate the treatment. During the constant systemic treatment a patient feels a considerable improvement of the disease symptoms in 4-6 months and returns to the normal life.

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It is necessary to start the treatment with the help of Arava under the supervision of the doctor who has experience of the use of this medication for rheumatoid arthritis. A health care provider should prescribe a complete examination, and then make a diagnosis and prescribe a correct dose of the drug and recommendations for the use.

- Arava is prescribed for the oral usage.

- The initial dose is 100 mg a day, once, within 3 days.

- After that it is necessary to use the supported treatment of 10-20 mg once a day.

- It is necessary to take the whole tablet with a full glass of water irrespective of the meal.


If Arava is prescribed, a health care provider should compare the contraindications for the use of the drug to the general condition of your health. There is a wide range of the contraindications when it is not recommended to take this medication.

- it is contraindicated to take the tablets of Arava if a patient has a high sensitivity to the components of this drug

- in case of the severe forms of the disease of kidney/liver it is necessary to adjust the dosage

- the drug must be taken carefully during anemia, disorder of the brain blood circulation, thrombocytopenia

- women during pregnancy and lactation are prohibited to take this drug

- in case of the appearance of the skin or mucous allergic reaction it is necessary to terminate the use of this drug at once. Perhaps, your doctor will find substitutes of this drug that will be better for your body.

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