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In Ayurveda, Arjuna has been used for a long time, and thatís why many patients take it to treat asthma, poisoning, bile duct disorders and some other conditions. Besides, this supplement is used to treat such serious disorders as blood vessel and heart complications, chest pain, hypertension, high cholesterol blood levels, etc. You can use Arjuna as an effective water pill, too. It proves to be beneficial when treating dysentery, earache, STDs, increasing sexual desire and urinary track diseases. How does it work? Basically, Arjuna contains powerful components that help users stimulate their heart, and it also helps them by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood.

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The right dosage must be prescribed by doctors based on your medical condition, individual tolerance and specific health needs. Donít start taking Arjuna without consulting qualified healthcare specialists. It should be taken orally in specific doses prescribed based on a particular medical condition. For example, to treat chest pain after a heart attack, patients need to combine its intake with conventional treatments. Itís recommended to take 500 mg of Arjuna every 8 hours each day. If you have congestive heart failure, your doctor may prescribe you the same dosing schedule.

Precautions and Contraindications

The good news is that this supplement is quite safe if you take it orally for about 3 months. However, itís allowed to use Arjuna only under medical supervision for safety reasons, because itís connected with your heart health. There are some special warnings and precautions that should be considered by all patients who want to start this treatment. When it comes to pregnancy, there are no sufficient facts that its use is unsafe, but be sure to discuss possible risks with doctors. The same can be said for breastfeeding, so stay on a safe side. The intake of Arjuna may lower sugar levels in blood, so itís necessary to adjust any diabetes medications when using it. It may also reduce blood sugar levels or interfere with the right blood sugar control when undergoing any surgery, so patients need to stop taking Arjuna 2 weeks before their scheduled surgical procedures. In any case, itís not advisable to start this treatment without the approval of doctors who must know all the facts from your medical history.

Drug Interactions

There are certain medications that should be avoided when taking this supplement, including pills for diabetes, so be cautious with this drug combination. Thatís because they may lead to increased side effects and reduced effectiveness in addition to other health complications. Besides, some other pharmaceutical products that may potentially interact with Arjuna and should be avoided by users include Glucotrol, Amaryl, Actos, etc. You need to make their full list and show it to your physician to avoid dangerous drug combinations and benefit from this treatment.

Side Effects

Side effects should be avoided, regardless of whether they are mild or serious, because they result in discomfort and specific health complications. The good news is that the intake of Arjuna is not associated with major adverse effects. However, some patients may still experience such unwanted signs as facial flushing, slight feeling of warmth, increased body temperature and others while undergoing this treatment. Report any of these troubling signs to your doctor, because your regular dose may be adjusted, especially if they prevent you from going everyday activities.

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