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Artane (Trihexyphenidylas)


Parkinson's disease - this syndrome is characterized by movement disorders, increased muscle tone, autonomic and mental functions disorders. Parkinson's disease is known as a distinct disease, called the shaking palsy and is affected more then 2 millions people around the world.

What is Artane and how can it help in this case?

Artane - antispasmodic drug, modern anti-parkinsonian agent, which is already prescribed by many doctors in the USA and Europe.

Artane has inflammatory properties, has an inhibitory effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxes the smooth muscles.

The medication is used to treat Parkinson's disease, all forms of Parkinsonism and other lesions of the extrapyramidal system: Little's disease, spastic paralysis of central origin, etc.

Some clinical studies have shown that the drug is particularly suitable for reducing of depression and reduced mental capacity symptoms.

Unlike atropine, Artane does not promote glaucoma, resulting in particularly effective treatment of atherosclerotic Parkinsonism.

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How to take Artane: dosage and administration

Dose should be adjusted individually, starting with the lowest, raising it up to the minimum effective. Parkinsonian syndromes: the initial dose is 1mg per day. Every 3-5 days the dose is gradually increased to 1.2mg per day to obtain the optimum therapeutic effect. Maintenance dose is 6-16mg per day, distributed over 3-5 receptions. The maximum daily dose - 20mg.

Extrapyramidal disorders, associated with drug intake: 2-16mg daily, depending on the severity of symptoms. The maximum daily dose - 20mg.

Anticholinergic therapy: the dose should be adjusted gradually, increasing every day starting dose of Artane 2mg to the lowest effective maintenance, which may not exceed the maximum amount that is prescribed for other indications. The maximum daily dose is 50mg.

Children and adolescents from 5 to 17 years are intended only for the treatment of extrapyramidal dystonia with the help of Artane. The maximum daily dose - 40mg. Pills are recommended to be taken with a full glass of water while food.

Abrupt withdrawal of the drug may lead to a sudden deterioration in the patient due to an exacerbation of symptoms.

The duration of treatment is determined by the physician individually in each case.

Artane contraindications and side effects

Like all other drugs, Artane is not free of precautions, contraindications and side effects, which you should know before treatment.

Thus, people with increased sensitivity to the drug or to other components of the drug, glaucoma, urinary retention, hypertrophy of the prostate gland (adenoma) with the presence of residual urine, obstructive disease of the gastrointestinal tract, atrial fibrillation, pregnancy and children up to age 5 years - are not allowed to take Artane. Only the doctor can determine whether it is safe to take this remedy in your particular case.

Side effects (confusion, anxiety) are usually observed at arteriosclerosis patients, which should begin treatment with very low doses and slowly raise them up to the optimum.

Is Artane safe for pregnant women and children?

First of all, it should be noted, that the drug may cause dependence.

Given the fact, that there is no data on the use of Artane in pregnant women, the drug is not recommended to be applied during this period.

Because there are no data on the excretion of this chemical with the breast milk, while treatment, the woman should stop breastfeeding.

Children and adolescents (except extrapyramidal dystonia) are not appointed Artane, because there is not enough experience on the use of the drug in these age categories.

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