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Health, Medicine & Pharmacy Articles

Busting Antibiotic Therapy Myths more info

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a major obstacle for the treatment of infectious diseases, which may result not only in failed therapy, but also in the growth of healthcare costs. In the United States resistance to antibiotics turns out in additional annual costs in the amount of more than $100 million.

A Comprehensive Look On Erectile Dysfunction more info

Erectile dysfunction as well as cardiovascular disease is one of the most common diseases of modern civilization. According to the classic Massachusetts study, 52% of men aged 40 to 69 years old suffer from ED, and in 5-15% of these males ED is characterized by complicated course of action and moderate in another 25%.

Menstrual Migraine more info

Menstrual cycle is referred to the strongest migraine attack provokers. The interdependence between migraine and menstruation emerges in 60% of women during reproductive age. Typically, this interrelation is formed gradually in the second decade of life; in most women the presence of migraine during menstruation becomes apparent by 35 years.

Defining The ‘Flu-Type’ Differences more info

Such definitions as ‘flu’, ‘acute respiratory infection’, ‘acute respiratory viral diseases’, ‘cold’ and a number of other firmly established terms have rooted in the lexicon of both clinicians and a significant part of the population of the globe.

Pustular Skin Disease Classification & Treatment more info

Pyoderma (pustular skin disease) is the most common skin diseases in all the age groups. Apparently, this is explained by the fact that pathogens of pyoderma, staphylococci and streptococci, are often found in the human environment (air, dust premises, as well as clothing, human skin).

The Interdependencies Of Stress & Sleep more info

The negative impact of stress is discussed in both professional medical and psychological circles, as well as in mass media. The interest in the problem of stress has increased significantly at the end of the last century.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute sinusitis more info

The problem of diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases of upper respiratory tract (rhinosinusitis, bacterial tonsillitis, adenoids, acute otitis and otogenic rhinogenous in ints intracranial and orbital complications) hasn’t lost its relevance, as evidenced by a high incidence of patients and complaints as admitted by general practitioners and otolaryngologists.

The use of antimicrobials in the treatment of dermatoses more info

Antibacterial agents form one of the main drug groups in the therapeutic arsenal of dermatologists. These include, first of all, various antibiotics (AB). Antibiotics are widely used in the treatment of various skin disorders.

The deficiency of potassium and magnesium as a health risk factor more info

In the European Union and North America, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death of every second adult with nearly 2 million deaths per year. According to WHO experts, the CVD in 2010 takes a leading place in the structure of mortality among socially significant populations in most economically developed countries in the world;

How It Works: Epiduroscopy more info

Epiduroscopy stands for three-dimensional color scanning of the anatomical structure of the structures of the epidural space. This minimally invasive investigation is carried out through the help of a tiny tube with a camera on its end, which does not cause any damage to the body and helps to inspect the shell of nerve fibers, blood vessels, ligaments, fat tissue, intervertebral discs, nerve roots, dura;

Immunology: What Does It Stand For? more info

Immunology is the science dedicated to studying the immunity of living organisms: their biological mechanisms of self-defense of the body against any foreign agents in particular. The science deals with the structure and patterns of functioning of the immune system, its diseases, methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Understanding Urinary Tract Infections more info

A rising number of patients of both adults and children, regardless of gender, is facing acute health problems posed by urinary tract infections. According to statistics, women are more subjected to the diseases of this type than men, while the severity of the diseases in females is characterized by a more complicated nature.

Treatment of urethritis caused by Mycoplasma Genitalium more info

The role of genital mycoplasmas in the etiology of NGU remains unresolved because of the wide distribution of these organisms and their frequent detection in patients who have no clinical symptoms.

The Onychocryptosis Causes & Symptoms more info

Onychocryptosis is a common pathological condition, known in the wide masses as ingrown nail. The disease develops under the influence of increased growth of the nail plate, leading to its incorporation into the edge of the nail fold. Most oftenly it hits the outer edge of the big toe. The development of the inflammatory process results into extremely painful sensations.

Chronic pancreatitis: diagnosis and treatment more info

Chronic pancreatitis is a group of diseases (chronic pancreatitis variations), which are characterized by different etiological factors, the presence of pancreatic necrosis, focal segmental fibrosis at the background of the development of functional insufficiency of varying severity.

Rheumatic Heart Disease: Symptoms & Treatment more info

Unfortunately, despite the wide array of technological advances in medicine, heart problems are still a hallmark of modern society, which is characterized by a sedentary lifestyle, passion addictions, promiscuity and unhealthy diet.

Astigmatism: The Nature, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention more info

Astigmatism is a congenital inability to focus the eyes on an object properly. Normally, the light beam must be focused on the retina. In astigmatism eye instead of a single focused point, formed a few ones, and the image looks a bit blurry.

Rheography Diagnostics Explained more info

Rheography is a diagnostic method during which blood flow is investigated in specific organs and tissues, as well as throughout the body as a whole. The bottom line of rheography is graphic recording using a special device, rheograph, that changes the electrical conductivity of the body caused by the pulse fluctuations of blood flow.