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Asacol (Mesalazine)


Asacol is the brand name for the generic drug mesalamine. It is also sold in other brand names like Lialda and Pentasa. This medication is used in the treatment of ulcers in the large intestine (ulcerative colitis). It is also used in preventing the reoccurrence of ulcers in the large intestine. This medication is an anti inflammatory. Asacol is available in strengths of 400 mg and comes in bottles of 180.

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The recommended dosage for treating ulcers in the large intestine is two 400 mg tablets three times a day. With this dosage the total dosage comes to 2400 mg per day. This dosage is used for about one and half months for effective treatment. If the treatment is for the maintenance then the total dosage per day could be 1600 mg.


Patients who are allergic to aspirin, mesalamine or other medications like Salflex, Tricosal, Doan's Pills, Disalcid and others should not use Asacol. The Asacol tablet is a delayed release tablet and hence it should not be chewed or crushed while taking it. Swallow Asacol as a whole. If you find undissolved tablets in your stool do contact your doctor and get his opinion. Some patients might experience side effects like stomach pain, cramps, headache, diarrhea, and fever. For such patients dosage adjustments might be needed and hence consult your doctor if you experience any such side effects.
Patients who have liver disease, kidney disease, and heart problems might also need dosage adjustments and might require close monitoring while taking this medication. Inform your doctor about these conditions before taking Asacol. Patients who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant might need the advice of the doctor before taking this medication. Chances are there for this medicine to pass over to your baby if you are breast feeding.

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