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Avana (Generic ) is the newest remedy to treat the male sexual debility. This drug was approved by FDA for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction on April 27, 2012. Its active component is Avanafil which is at the moment the most effective medication for impotence.

There were only 3 drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction which were approved by FDA before. There were nothing new on the market for a long time, and the development of Avana became a unique modern achievement in medicine.

Avanafil does not differ from its predecessors by the mechanism of the pharmacological action. This belongs to the group of the high-selective phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. As a result of the inhibition of this enzyme the cavernous bodies of the penis start producing more nitric oxide which provides the relaxing action to the smooth muscles of the penis and dilate the arteries. The relaxing effect causes the increase of the blood flow to the cavernous bodies as a result of which the man has a strong erection. According to the data of the clinical tests this drug is the most high-selective remedy recovering the strong erection. The man should have 15 minutes in order to feel the onset of the effect and start the sexual intercourse.

Despite the high speed of the action start this remedy does not differ by the high duration. On the average the duration of the effects is kept within 6-7 hours. But this is not a minus because the excessively long pharmacological action causes more side effects.

In the course of the numerous clinical tests the main advantages of this drug were identified: high speed of the effect onset and absolute safety in men of all ages.

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If you decided to replace the usual remedies for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction and estimate the efficiency of Avana (Generic ), it is necessary to consult a doctor. In practical work this drug is little known yet, and therefore the regimen of the dosage and use should be prescribed each patient individually. After more detailed study of this drug it will be possible to take this medicine without assistance because the experience of the use will be great.

Unlike other drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment Avana tablets may be taken two time pre day with interval for about 12 hours. Now, you will be able to have sex more often.

- It is recommended to start taking the drug from the average dose of 100 mg.

- In case of the absence of the effect or insufficiently strong erection the dose may be increased up to 200 mg but not earlier than in one day after the use of the last tablet.

- If you have slight side effects while taking 100 mg, it is reasonable to reduce the dose by two times up to 50 mg of Avana and estimate the effect of the minimal daily dose.

- It is necessary to take the tablet in 10-15 minutes before the intimacy. The medication is dissolved with the same speed if taking the tablets on an empty stomach or after the consumption of the fatty food.

- A little alcohol does not affect the action of the drug and does not cause the side effects. But do not abuse the alcohol because this may affect the erection.


- If the man has serious vascular diseases, heart failure, acute dysfunction of liver or kidney, increased intraocular pressure, or diseases of the blood, it is necessary to see a health care provider to get the individual recommendations.

- In case of the physical affections of the penis it is not recommended to take the drug because the strong increase of the erection may cause the painful sensations.

- Men younger than 18 years old are contraindicated the use of the remedy

- The most common side effects are headache, flushes, and stuffiness in the nose.

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