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Aygestin (Norethisterone)


Aygestin (Norlut-N) is a hormonal medical product used in the female gynecology. The active component of this drug is Norethisterone. This component contains the female sexual hormone progestin which helps to regulate the work of the female reproductive system and, in separate cases, it is used as contraceptive.

Directions for the use:

- secondary amenorrhea (termination of the normal menstrual cycles)

- uterine bleeding caused by the dysfunction of ovaries

- menstruation which last for more than 8 days

- endometriosis

- cancer of endometrium

- pain in the breast

- mastopathy (multiple nidal indurations in the breast)

Aygestin regulates the menstrual cycle by means of the increase or reduction of the progestin level in the blood depending on the cause of the disorder.

The mechanism of the contraceptive action is similar with other identical hormonal drugs. The active component Norethisterone causes the increase of the synthesis of the cervical mucus of the uterine, and this prevents the movement of spermatozoa and follows the outlet of ovule (it inhibits the ovulation). At this mechanism of the action the risk of the unwanted pregnancy is almost absent. Conducting the clinical tests in the laboratory and field conditions the scientists indicated almost 100% of efficiency and absence of the serious side effects.

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Aygestin should be prescribed by your physician. The effective and safe use of this drug is possible only in case of the individual reproach. Depending on what disease you will treat by this drug you will be indicated all recommendations for the use which are obligatory. In all cases the doses must be selected individually depending on the character of the disease, efficiency of therapy and tolerance of the drug.

- In case of the premenstrual syndrome the dose is 5-10 mg per day starting from the 16th day of the cycle up to the 25th day.

- In case of the uterine bleedings 5-10 mg per day is prescribed within 6-12 days. To prevent the relapses the course of the treatment is repeated, or the patients are prescribed the maintaining therapy of one tablet per day.

- In case of endometriosis one tablet per day is prescribed from 5th to 25th day of the cycle, or ? of the tablet every 2-3 weeks within 4-6 months.

- As a contraceptive remedy Aygestin (Norlut-N) is prescribed by the physician after your examination and in case of the absence of the contraindications for the use. This drug is used as a prolonged contraceptive. It is effective in case of an emergency.


- Aygestin is contraindicated for the use during pregnancy. The action of this drug may cause a disorder in the fetus development and even miscarriage.

- In the period of lactation the hormonal constituent may pass through the milk, and as a result of this a child may experience the endocrine disorders. Therefore women are recommended to refuse from the breast-feeding in the period of the treatment.

- In case of thrombophlebitis, disorders of the cerebral blood circulation, diseases of liver, sharp dysfunction of kidney, and uterine bleedings of the unknown origin it is necessary to consult your physician.

- If the woman has hormone-dependent tumors (benign/malignant), it is needed to refuse from the drug application.

- If you experience the allergic reaction while taking the drug, it is need to terminate the treatment at once and go to a health care provider.

- In case of the side effects such as the increase of the breast sensitivity, stomach upset, increase of the body weight, sleep disorder or acne the termination of the therapy is no required. Maybe, you need to adjust the dose or increase the interval between doses.

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