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Bentyl (Dicyclomine)


Bentyl is a drug that is used in medicine for reducing of the pain and spasms of the smooth muscle of body. Recently, this drug was used for treatment of mental disorders, because in big dosage it influences on brain and leads to euphoria, calmness and relaxation. Nowadays, Bentyl is used for treatment of peptic ulcers, colic, irritable bowel syndrome. Pharmacological action of this drug reduces pain and decreases bloating, discomfort, intestine disorders, stomach disorders without visible organic reason. Bentyl relives muscle spasms in gastrointestinal tract, blocking the activity of certain receptors in smooth muscle of organism. In recent years, pharmacological effect of Bentyl is researching for treatment of urinary incontinence and some others disorders of internal organs, symptoms of which are pain and discomfort.

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Drug Bentyl is produced in form of capsules and pills. This drug is prescribed by medical worker after careful medical survey of patient. For identifying of disease’s type and its severity, it is necessary to pass all laboratory tests and on their base it is possible to prescribe a prescription and the dosage of Bentyl.

• Pills of Bentyl are used 30 minutes before eating. Average day dosage is 80 m, divided in 4 uses (per 20 mg).

• In case of need, day dose of Bentyl can be increased till 160 mg, divided in 4 uses.

It is not recommended to increase the dose that was prescribed by doctor, because it can lead to overdose and harmful side effects.


• In case of having some chronic diseases, the use of drug can be limited or the doctor will recommend you another drug. Such diseases include: heart failure, Glaucoma, high blood pressure, severe ulcerative colitis.

• It is not recommended to use Bentyl in case of hypersensitivity on active components of drug

• Active substances of medication can react with different medical drugs; therefore it is required to tell your doctor, if you use: antidepressants, antihistamines, Prednisolone, drugs for treatment of heart diseases.

• In case of individual intolerance such side effects are possible: dry mouth, nausea, and discomfort in stomach. In case of use more than 8 pills in a day appears the possibility of severe side effects which are dangerous for health and the death is possible. In case of side effects appearance, please consult with the doctor

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