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Benzac AC (Benzoyl Peroxide)


Benzac AC is a remedy for the treatment of the acneiform rash. Due to the strong keratolytic effect the drug is widely used for the treatment of the severe types of acne, and bleaching properties of the active components included in the medication allow to use it even during different changes of the skin pigmentation. It provides an antimicrobial action as for the gram-positive bacteria causing the development of acne. It reduces the production of the aliphatic acids and destroys microflora which is developed under the skin by the appearance of the pustules. The active particles of this remedy favor the peeling of the skin and removal of the horny layer around comedones.

The drug is used as gel for the external application, and therefore it has some drawbacks which are manifested in the form of the slight side effects. Often, applying this drug there may be a redness of the skin and itching which pass within a couple of days. Also due to the strong pharmacological action which starts after the first use of the drug there is possible a worsening of the skin condition at the first days but then you will see a fast progress in the treatment of the acne.

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Before applying Benzac AC it is better to consult a qualified medical professional. First of all, it is necessary to find out the type of the acneiform rash and its severity, and secondly, it is necessary to find out a type of the skin, dosage and recommendations for the use.

- before applying the gel it is necessary to carefully wash the affected part of the skin with warm water and then dry it

- the gel is applied with a small layer and rubbed until the complete absorption. After applying the remedy hands must be thoroughly washed.

- The drug should be applied once per day in the first week. When the skin gets accustomed to the action of the medication, it is possible to increase the amount of the remedy to the affected part of the skin up to 2 times per day

- The average duration of the course of the treatment by Benzac AC is 8-10 weeks.

- It is not recommended to take the drug more than 3 months without breaks.


- avoid eyes and mucous membranes while applying Benzac AC

- the prolonged application may cause the redness or peeling of the skin

- it is carefully used during pregnancy and breast-feeding

- in case of the hypersensitivity to benzoyl peroxide it is necessary to refuse from the use of this remedy and ask the doctor to prescribe another drug.

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