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Betagan Eye Drops


Betagan Eye Drops is used as a separate medication or in combination with other medications for the treatment of the increased intraocular tension. This drug quickly helps to stop the vision worsening during glaucoma or other diseases of the eyeball.

Betagan Eye Drops contains Levobunolol which belongs to the group of the beta-blockers. It reduces the intraocular tension and favors the outflow of the liquid from the eye ground. So the eye ground is not subjected to the tension and the human vision is not disordered. A positive pharmacological effect consists in the rather fast onset of the effect. After the first use you will see that your pain in the eyes disappears, and you do not have to strain your eyes and you will see some details clearly than earlier. A reduction of the intraocular tension is noticed in one hour after the use of the drops, and the maximal effect is achieved in 3-6 hours and lasts within one day. Mainly, this medication is used in the ophthalmologic practice for the treatment of the open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma. However, an attending medical doctor can prescribe this medication for the treatment of other types of the diseases at the high risk of the blindness.

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The treatment of eyes should be started from the careful examination of ophthalmologist. A qualified health care professional has to make an exact diagnosis and find out a severity of the disease. The use of the eye drops can be started according to the doctor’s recommendations and established diagnosis. Using drops a thorough hygiene must be followed in order to avoid infections in the eyeball. Do not touch a pipette with dirty hands. It is better to wash hands before using the drops.

- Betagan Eye Drops 0,25% must be used 2 times per day, 1 drop (in the morning and evening)

- Betagan Eye Drops 0,5% are used 1 drop once a day

- The treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of the disease symptoms or in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.


- Increased sensitivity to the component Levobunolol may cause an allergic reaction or worsening of the disease symptoms, and therefore this medication is strictly contraindicated in case of the hypersensitivity.

- The drug is not recommended in high and frequent doses than it was indicated by the doctor. This may lead to the serious disorders of the vision.

- The treatment is subject to the supervision of the health care provider in case of the severe chronic diseases of the respiratory system such as asthma, chronic obstructive disease of the lungs, or diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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