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Betnovate-c cream is a glucocorticoid drug for the local administration. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action. It removes the most evident symptoms of the allergic reaction such as edema, hyperemia, and itching for a short period of time. The pharmacological action is conditioned by narrowing the blood vessels and reducing transmitter of the inflammation. It increases the level of glucose and makes the protein catabolism faster.

It is effective in the treatment of the allergic skin diseases mainly:

- inflammatory dermatosis

- psoriasis (except plaque psoriasis)

- eczema

- prurigo nodularis

- neurodermatitis

- lichen simplex and lichen planus

- seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis

- erythema centrifugum

It may be also taken with various antiallergic medications as an auxiliary for the fast relief of the symptoms of the itching inflammatory processes

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Before applying Betnovate-c cream it is better to see a health care provider and have all needed clinical analyses. Due to the accurate diagnostics it is possible to detect a type of the allergy and according to the diagnosis a proper decision can be made as for the administration of this remedy.

- The cream is applied externally to the affected part of the skin

- A small amount of the remedy should be applied to the affected place 2-3 times per day until the improvement appears

- When the improvement has appeared it is possible to use a maintenance therapy and apply the cream once per day

- The course of the treatment must not exceed more than 7 days in case of the absence of the regular medical supervision

- For severe types of psoriasis it is possible to use occlusive bandages but only at night. They help to delay the skin evaporation and breathing, and so pores are dilated and the medication quickly gets inside.

- The length of the treatment and administration of the auxiliary drugs are indicated by the attending doctor only.


- Betnovate-c cream is contraindicated in the following cases: skin manifestations of syphilis, skin tuberculosis, bacterial/viral/fungous affections of the skin, melanoma, sarcoma, and hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug

- This remedy is not recommended children under 1 year old

- It is also recommended pregnant women to apply the medication with high caution

- Avoid the area of eyes and mucous membrane

- If acne are present, this cream may increase the rash.

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