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Blopress (Candesartan)


Blopress is designed to decrease blood pressure with no impact on heart rate in cases of hypertension causes. The medication implies long-term treatment courses: the maximum efficiency is achieved after 30 days of treatment, with the continuation of treatment further progress is achieved. The medicationís active component has a gentle effect as for blood pressure reduction throughout the day with a single intake per day. The significant benefits of the drug are the absence of provoking acute hypertension and the withdrawal syndrome.

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Forms of manufacturing

The drug is manufactured in the form of round light-pink tablets carrying 8, 16 and 32mg of candesartan cilexetil (the drugís main active substance). Nevertheless, the preparation (as well as well its generic analogs) may be produced in other forms, which largely depends on the manufacturer and the production date.

Indications for use

According to the medicationís annotation, it is appointed to those suffering from hypertension; heart failure and systolic dysfunction of the left ventricle. The preparation is oftentimes included in adjunctive therapy along with ACE inhibitors or in case of intolerance to drugs of similar scope of action.


Blopress is contraindicated according to the instructions in case of liver function issues, or cholestasis; hypersensitivity to the active and complementary components of the drug. The treatment course must be refrained from during pregnancy and lactation. The medication should be taken cautiously in case of severe renal failure; at bilateral renal artery stenosis; cerebrovascular diseases and ischemic heart disease; after a kidney transplantation. The medication is designed for 18+ years old individuals.

Administration regimen

According to the medicationís annotation, it should be consumed once each 24 hours regardless of meal time. In hypertension cases the dosage of 8mg is prescribed (however, it can be doubled if the current dosage provides an insufficient effect and the treating doctor approves the increase). If the doubled dosage doesnít contribute to the desired effect, considering a combinative therapy can be reasonable the preparation can be taken simultaneously with thiazide diuretics. In case of non-significant or moderate renal impairment an individual selection and adjustment of the dose is not obligatory. In case of liver function issues, the initial dosage must not exceed 2mg/day. The maximum efficacy is achieved after the month of treatment the antihypertensive effect is accumulated and maintained with the prolongation of the course. In the event of heart failure, the starting dosage should not exceed 4mg/day. The treatment course, with the approval of your treatment doctor, may imply doubling the dose each second week with the maximum of 32mg/day. The preparation demonstrates impressive efficiency in conjunction therapy with a long range of antihypertensive medications.

Side effects

The therapeutic dosage appointed by the treating doctor must be maintained and not exceeded, otherwise the risk of side effect significantly increases. The preparation causes significant side effects in rare cases; an overwhelming percentage of adverse effects is represented by headaches, colds, rashes and irregular heartbeat. Although the medication doesnít have a withdrawal syndrome, the cessation of a treatment course must be negotiated with a treating doctor to guarantee the optimal reaction of the body.

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