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Cafergot (Ergotamine Tartrate)


Cafergot is a combined medical product for the treatment of migraine and diseases connected with the worsening vessels conduction of the brain. This drug quickly and easily arrests the migraine attacks and headache of the vascular genesis. It normalizes a tone of the dilated extracranial arteries and provides an effect on the serotonin receptors. Besides the main active component, ergotamine tartrate, this drug includes caffeine. Caffeine hastens and increases the absoption of the ergotamine in the intestine, and this provides the faster onset of the pharmacological action and good results by the necessity of the sudden arresting of the migraine symptoms.

Cafergot is prescribed for severe headaches of the vascular origin, any types of migraine, and also intracranial pressure during vascular, traumatic, infectious affections of the central nervous system.

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There is a point to take this drug only for the treatment of migraine or other headaches of the vascular origin only. That is why a patient should have a quality diagnosis in order to find out a cause and type of the disease, and also indicated a correct diagnosis. And then it is possible to prescribe the optimal, effective and the safest pharmacological action. The tablets of Cafergot should be taken during the first symptoms of the migraine attack or headache.

- two tablets are taken at the beginning of the attack

- if the pharmacological effect does not occur in 30-40 minutes after the use of the drug, it is permissible to take one more tablet

- the use medication can be repeated and then the interval is 30 minutes without exceeding the maximal daily dose

- the maximal daily dose for adult is 6 tablets (6 mg of ergotamine tartrate)

- the maximal weekly dose is 10 tablets (10 mg of ergotamine tartrate)


- Cafergot is contraindicated in the following cases: increased sensitivity to one of the components of the medical product, disorder of peripheral blood circulation, ischemic heart disease, or severe form of the arterial hypertension, severe types of liver/kidney diseases, and sepsis

- If the drug is needed to be taken during pregnancy or in the period of lactation, consult your medical doctor.

- Cafergot is taken for the treatment of the acute migraine attacks, it should be taken for the prophylaxis of the attacks or for a long period of time.

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