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Calan (Verapamil)


Calan is an innovative treatment that is potent to improve multiple serious health conditions, including angina, hypertension and diverse heart rhythm diseases. The drug belongs to a group of calcium channel blockers that are successfully used to relax muscles of blood vessels and heart. Additionally, the treatment course may be recommended for conditions not listed in the information leaflet.

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It is inevitable to follow doctor’s recommendations if you wish to experience positive changes. Never modify the adjusted dose, but consult your healthcare provider if you strive to increase or decrease the prescription dose for some reasons. Do not take Calan longer than necessary in order to avoid side effects. Administer the medication on a daily basis following the schedule. Never break, crush or chew the capsule while using. Besides, it is important to check blood pressure and kidney functioning often to make sure the medication intake does not produce a negative impact.

Never stop Calan treatment course suddenly, as the condition may aggravate and stimulate the appearance of numerous withdrawal complications. Go on using the drug during the full course, even if the symptoms improve and blood pressure is already balanced. In case you have missed one dose, administer it if possible, but skip it if the next scheduled one should be taken soon. Do not double the following dose to avoid possible medication overuse.

Keep in mind that Calan intake is a single constituent of the whole treatment program that includes regular exercises, healthy diet and other measures.

Precautions and Contraindications

If you wish to make Calan treatment course dependable, safe and effective, see your doctor before its beginning. To ensure the treatment is safe with your diseases and disorders, provide your doctor with a complete list of complications you have, especially:

• Low blood pressure;

• Congestive heart failure;

• Liver or kidney disorders;

• Nerve-muscle issues and others.

You will be given special dosage and strength of the medication that will produce a necessary effect on your problem without a significant influence on your health condition. Never start Calan administration if you are allergic to the medication itself, any of its components or other related drugs. Besides, the treatment course is not advised for patients who have:

• Severe heart complications;

• Heart failure, stroke and attack;

• Slow and irregular heartbeat;

• AV block;

• Sick sinus syndrome;

• Heart rhythm problems and others.

Since Calan may harm the health condition of nursing and unborn children, it is not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Drug Interactions

Inform your physician about the medications you are taking, irrespective of their form and pharmaceutical effect. Calan interacts with numerous over-the-counter and prescription drugs, herbal supplements and other medications. Tell your doctor about bosentan, Nefazodone, digoxin, aspirin, blood pressure medicines, antibiotic, heart pills, antifungal, seizure, HIV/AIDS medicines you are currently taking.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical aid if you have noticed any complications during Calan treatment course, including severe allergic reactions, irregular or uneven heartbeat, difficulty breathing, mild exertions, sudden weight gain, cold and flu symptoms, anxiety, swelling, light-headedness and others.

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