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Carbimazole (Neomercazole)


Hyperthyroidism is a condition, associated with increased efficiency of thyroid gland. This situation is rather dangerous and causes a lot of inconvenience to the patients, increasing amount of thyroid hormone in the blood. In medicine, this phenomenon is called hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism can bother people, suffering from different pathologies of the thyroid gland, toxic goiter, thyroid adenoma, autoimmune thyroiditis.

More often that not, the disease is found among women. If we believe the statistics, this pathology in women is observed in twenty times out of a thousand, but in men - only two cases out of a thousand.

In the struggle with this disorder most doctors, in the first place, prescribe antithyroid drugs. Among widely used and preferable by doctors and patients drugs is generic Carbimazole (Neomercazole). In most cases, this drug is recommended in slight raising of thyroid enlargement. If the size of the thyroid gland is great, plus the entire patient shows signs of compression of nearby organs, Carbimazole is used only in order to prepare the patient for the surgery.

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How is Carbimazole effective?

The effectiveness of this medication has been proved by numerous studies and clinical tests on patients. The drug suppresses the formation of thyroid hormones without side effects or their small minimum.

Carbimazole, depending on dose, inhibits embedding of iodine to tyrosine, and therefore additional thyroid hormone synthesis. This property makes it possible to treat symptomatically hyperthyroidism, regardless of its etiology.

Carbimazole indications for use

The full list of indications for this drug use is available at any medical prescription. Most of all, the remedy is effective in curing of:

* thyroid dysfunction, associated with the overproduction of its hormones (hyperthyroidism);
* preparation for thyroidectomy in hyperthyroidism;
* therapy before and after treatment with radioactive iodine.

Recommendations on Carbimazole application

Carbimazole is applied only to the treatment of overactive thyroid gland, which was confirmed by laboratory tests.

At the beginning of the treatment adult dose should be 20-60mg, which should to be titrated according to the function of thyroid gland to achieve patientís euthyroid condition to reduce the risk of over-treatment, and as a result of hypothyroidism. The further treatment is carried out in one of two ways.

Maintenance therapy with Carbimazole: finite dose is 5-15mg day, which can be taken as a single daily dose. Continue therapy for at least 6-18 months. It is recommended continuous monitoring of thyroid function in conjunction with an appropriate choice of dose to maintain the euthyroid state.

Block-substitution scheme: initial dose is 20-60mg of Carbimazole per day. Therapy lasts for at least 6-18 months.

If there are no any contraindications or warnings, patients of advanced age do not require special dosing.

What should you know about contraindications and side effects?

As any other medication, one of contraindications - increased individual sensitivity to Neomercazole or other components of the drug. Also, precaution includes pre-existing severe disorders of blood system and severe hepatic insufficiency, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Usually, side effects appear at the beginning of treatment with Carbimazole during first 8 weeks. They include allergic reactions, nausea, loss of taste, less than 1% of patients have a reversible agranulocytosis. If the patient has an allergy to Carbimazole, you can move on to another, but the likelihood of cross-sensitivity is quite high.

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