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Caverta (Sildenafil citrate)


Caverta is a medical remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of any type (psychogenic and organic). This drug is Generic Sildenafil citrate and produced by the Indian pharmaceutical companies. Each tablet of the drug contains 100 mg of the active component Sildenafil Citrate which provides the pharmacological action.

It is important to note that a mechanism of the action of this remedy for the erectile dysfunction treatment appears in response to the sexual arousal of a man. During sexual arousal there is an increase of the blood stream to penis, and as a result of this the cavernous bodies are dilated and filled with the blood. The increase of the cavernous bodies lengthwise and in size leads to the natural increase of penis and its firmness resulting in erection.

Caverta is not indicated for the involuntary appearance of the male erection. All processes occurred under the influence of this drug in the body take place in response to the natural sexual stimulations.

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Before taking this medical product for the erectile dysfunction treatment a man should make sure that this drug is not contraindicated and his disease can be treated with the help of the miracle cure. The type of the erectile dysfunction is detected and also special medical analyses which find out the level of the patientís health are prescribed.

- the tablets of Caverta should be taken at least 40-50 minutes before the beginning of the sexual intercourse, orally, with a full glass of water

- before taking the tablets it is desirable to eliminate the consumption of the fatty food as it may slow down the dissolution of the tablet and the pharmacological action will start in 80-90 minutes

- the recommended dose is 1 tablets (100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate)

- in case of the side effects the dose can be reduced up to 50 mg per day

- it is not recommended to take the double dose from the considerations of the treatment safety

- the pharmacological action lasts for 4-5 hours


- Caverta is contraindicated men with allergy to Sildenafil citrate and also deformation of penis

- In case of the cardiovascular diseases, renal/hepatic failures, glaucoma, senior age the adjustment of the dose may be needed, and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor before the beginning of the treatment

- It is not recommended to take alcohol and Caverta tablets at the same time because this may cause a allergic reaction.

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