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Cefixime Oral Suspension


Pneumonia and antibiotics: efficacy of Cefixime Oral Suspension

As it is known, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics of third cephalosporin generation group (Cefixime Oral Suspension) have a wider impact area than the same antibiotics of I and II generation, and greater efficacy against gram-negative microorganisms. Also, as cephalosporin preparations of 1 and 2 generation, they are resistant to beta-lactamases plasmid negative microorganisms, but in addition, they are resistant to the effects of chromosomal beta-lactamases and in comparison with other antibiotics are highly effective against almost all microorganisms and anaerobic bacteroides.

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The mechanism of action of Cefixime Oral Suspension

Cefixime Oral Suspension, belonging to antibiotic group of drugs, has bacteria-killing characteristics and leads to the destruction of cells. The principle of action of this drug is the damage of cell membrane of fissionable microorganisms, which is due to inhibition of its enzymes.

According to the World Health Organization, it turns out that currently, antibiotics take one-quarter of all prescribed drugs in the world! And this fact explains the popularity of Cefixime Oral Suspension among patients, especially children.

How to treat respiratory infections in children, using Cefixime Oral Suspension?

Today, among the school-age children, a great half of them suffer from respiratory infections of ear, nose and throat, provoked by pathogenic microbes. A large percentage of these children suffer from tonsillopharyngitis. Today Cefixime Oral Suspension - a drug of first choice for the treatment of bacterial infections in these children. But if the disease is caused by streptococcus, the course of treatment should not be interrupted before ten days.

The second highest prevalence in children is acute inflammation of the middle ear. Thus one of the most common drugs, prescribed in such cases, is Cefixime Oral Suspension. It is recommended to use this drug for otitis, caused by Haemophilus, by the best world pediatricians.

Very good results in the treatment of bacterial infections of children shows third-generation of cephalosporin - Cefixime Oral Suspension. This medicine is more effective, then others from the group, able to destroy streptococcal infection, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella, Escherichia. Third-generation of the drug, in a form of Cefixime Oral Suspension has a high rate of absorption by the body, as well as the fact that the great number of it, is concentrated precisely in the upper respiratory tract.

When treating children with cephalosporin antibiotic, you should pay special attention to fortification of the body with vitamins and various dietary supplements, containing vitamins C and B.

Side effects of Cefixime Oral Suspension

Since Cefixime Oral Suspension is one of beta-lactam antibiotics, the side effects of this group are very similar. The first place among side effects takes an allergic reaction, that can occur from skin rash, bronchospasm, and even anaphylactic shock in rare cases. But notice, when you take penicillin group of drugs, allergic reaction is much more common than with Cefixime Oral Suspension.

Admission of antibiotic may also lead to violations of hematopoiesis, especially when taking drugs of the last generation. This is due to the fact that these drugs inhibit the growth of microorganisms, which are responsible for the synthesis of vitamin K. Receiving these medication in tablets you have a chance to face some gastrointestinal tract reactions. Cefixime Oral Suspension is avoid of such effects.

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