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Clarina Cream


Every day, acne on the face spoils the mood a hundred thousands people worldwide. But this condition can occur not only among young people and not always acne on the face is associated with puberty.

Why does the skin become problematic? The main reason - sebaceous glands of the skin, occurring in its deeper layers. By quantity of sebum, the skin is divided into three types - dry, oily, normal and combination.

It turns out that there is a genetic predisposition to acne on the face. So if you or your spouse in his youth suffered from this disease, then your offspring have a serious chance to face with acne personally.

There are three steps to healthy skin: suppress the activity of bacteria that cause inflammation, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, remove scars and stagnant spots.

To improve skin - use anti-acne Clarina Cream.

Fabulous opportunity for your skin from Clarina cream!

This cosmetic product is able to prevent and eliminate the inflammation of the skin, and has an antiseptic influence, tightening pores and removing sebaceous secretions.

Clarina Cream can also regenerate the skin and form a protective skin barrier, provide toning, nourishing processes. With the use of the cream you will be able to eliminate redness, dryness and flaking of the skin.

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What are the actions of Clarina Cream? How does it work?

Due to included extracts of aloe, almond alternantery, madder, powders, sodium borate, zinc ash, Clarina Cream:

* prevents and eliminates inflammatory skin changes;
* has an antiseptic effect, tightens pores;
* reduces sebum, promotes skin regeneration and restoration of skin barrier;
* tones, nourishes, reduces redness, dryness and flaking of the skin.

Clinical studies of Clarina Cream from Himalaya Ayurvedic manufacturer

As proof of the effectiveness, here are some clinical studies of Clarina Cream, conducted with the participation of 50 patients at the first, second and third acne stages, who applied the cream twice a day for 6 weeks:

- Narrowing and decrease of oily skin by 70 % ;
- Reducing of hyperpigmentation by 73% ;
- Reducing of the number of papules at 69% ;
- Reducing of the number of pustules by 70 %;
- Reducing of the number of black comedones by 83%;
- Reducing of the number of white comedones by 80 %;
- Reducing of the number of nodules by 87%;
- Reducing of the number of scars ( alignment of the skin) by 64%;
- Reduction in burning, irritation symptoms by 82%;
- Reducing of itching by 96%;

The basic ingredients of Clarina Cream

Aloe has an antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, soothing properties, that promotes healing of allergic irritations, and those, caused by insect bites, relieves itching.

Almonds - smoothes and regenerates the skin , and improves skin tone.

Indian Madder - cleanses the skin, aligns skin pigmentation, used in the treatment of eczema, allergies, acne.

How to apply Himalaya Clarina Cream?

Apply Clarina Cream on dry washed skin twice a day.

Before using, it is recommended to test sensitivity to the cream: apply a small amount of Clarina Cream on the skin. If there is any allergic reaction, do not use the cream.

Clarina Cream is used as monotherapy, as well as, in addition to comprehensive treatment in acne skin and problematic skin, prone to redness and irritation.

Home care for problem skin

Maximum attention should be paid to purification. Currently, there are a lot of washing remedies for skin, based on increased pH. Problem skin does not tolerate creams with dense texture, except of Ayurvedic Clarina Cream. At the same time, alcohol and other drying cleansers can highly dehydrate your skin. This leads to the development of the phenomenon of the so-called "fat dry skin". Ideal choice in this case was created by Himalaya natural pharmacy in a form of Clarina Cream. Try it and forget about skin problems!

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