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Clonidine (Catapres)


Cloniodine is the generic name of the medicine and this is available in brand names catapres –TTS-1, catapres-TTS-2, and catapres-TTS-3. Clonidine is also used as transdermal skin patches to treat hyper tension. These clonidine transdermal skin patches are also used in combination with blood pressure medications. Clonidine skin patches are also available with cover patches that are optional. These covers will help the clonidine skin patch to get firmly attached to the skin for better absorption. The cover patch has no medication and it serves to hold the skin patch intact.

Clonidine is used for treating the hyper tension patients. Clonidine helps to reduce the blood pressure by bringing down the levels of certain chemicals in the blood. This way the heart blood vessels are made to relax and the heart beat is slow and easy.

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The person who is suffering from heart rhythm disorder, coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke should report the same to the doctor if he or she comes to know that he or she will be treated with clonidine. The people who have kidney disease also inform the doctor about the ailment. The doctor should also be informed about the other medication consumed such as vitamin, over the counter products; herbal products etc. The person who is using clonidine should be very careful while driving as the medicine will impair the reactions or thinking of the person. The person, who needs to under go MRI [magnetic resonance imaging], should do so only after removing the clonidine skin patch otherwise the skin patch will burn the skin. The person who requires emergency heart resuscitation must report the usage of clonidine skin patch to the doctor as this will interfere with the function of any electrical equipment such as defribrillator.


The clonidine transdermal should never be withdrawn suddenly as it will result in severe withdrawal symptoms which may be life threatening at times. Hence the person should consult the doctor before withdrawing the clonidine. The person who is allergic to clonidine should never use the same. It is yet not clear whether the clonidine is harmful to the unborn baby. Hence it is always better to inform the doctor if one is pregnant or planning to become one. Likewise the breast feeding mother should also inform the doctor about this as clonidine will pass in to the milk and may harm the nursing baby.

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