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Co-Diovan (Valsartan)


Co-Divoan represents a large class of medications designed to regulate hypertension (also known as HBP, or high blood pressure). The blood pressure has a natural property to change throughout the life of a human; the abrupt surges may be provoked by a number of external and internal factors. In case of hypertension, the blood pressure exceeds the acceptable limits when it is supposed to be normal (e.g. even when a patient stays calm and completely relaxed).

Excessive blood pressure contributes to the load increase on human organs, heart in particular, providing blood vessels with extra work. A permanent functioning under extreme conditions may lead to blood vessels collapse and may not only affect human brain, but also kidneys and heart. As a result, the consequences may be absolutely critical – heart or kidney failure as well as stroke are the possible outcomes. What is even more important, excessive pressure may provoke a heart attack (the risk of suffering the one is increased dramatically).

Therefore, keeping your blood pressure at an optimal level is an extremely vital aspect of proper organism functioning and this is where Co-Diovan represents particular value. Comprised of valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide active ingredients, Co-Diovan assists in reducing blood pressure safely and efficiently. The combined effect of active ingredients provides the powerful action.

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Co-Diovan: indication for use

Mentioned below are the primary cases of Co-Diovan prescription as a primary medicine or as a part of complex treatment:

• Hypertension
• Heart failure (in the complex therapy in conjunction with diuretics, digitalis drugs, as well as ACE inhibitors or beta-blockers, use of all these drugs is not required)
• Postinfarction state

The spectrum of action is divided into two major effects: valsartan aims at blocking the angiotensin II, which represents an agent that contributes to blood vessels tightening; the adverse angiotensin effect also consists in increasing blood pressure. Thus, valsartan application provides blood vessels relaxation. Hydrochlorothiazide, the second major active ingredient, promotes the reduction of excessive fluid, accumulated in the body. The ingredient boosts the process of urination and influences the amount of urine that a body produces quantitatively.

Co-Diovan administration

The daily dose of Co-Diovan to treat hypertension equals one tablet of 80 mg on a daily basis, while the dosage does not depend on age and gender. According to clinical trials an antihypertensive effect of Co-Diovan is observed in the first two weeks of treatment, and the maximum is monitored after a month of therapy. The daily dose can be increased to 320 mg if the desired therapeutic effect of reduction in blood pressure is not achieved with lower doses. To facilitate the effect, an increased dosage of diuretics is appointed for simultaneous use. The recommended starting dose of Diovan in patients with chronic heart failure is equal to 40 mg twice a day. The initial dose may be increased to twice or four times in case of good Co-Diovan tolerance. Post-myocardial infarction treatment usually begins during the first 12 hours of the initial dose of 20 mg twice a day, following by a gradual increase up to 160 mg twice a day. An overdose may lead to a marked reduction in blood pressure and shock.

Co-Diovan precautions

Using the drug must be avoided in case of:

• Individual intolerance to the drug’s components
• Pregnancy and lactation periods in women
• severe liver diseases, biliary cirrhosis and cholestasis
• anuria and severe renal dysfunctions

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