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Confido is high-effective medication for treatment of male sexual disorders. This drug is intended for none-hormonal therapy of sexual dysfunctions, which can do harm to private life of a man. This drug contains safe and natural elements which don’t provoke side effects unlike their synthetic analogs do. Confido is used in medicine for treatment of premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, nocturnal emissions, in case of disturbing of sexual functions in time of getting older. This drug can restore sexual health in man of any age.

Pharmacological action lies in activity of vegetable components, which are included in Confido contain. This drug reduces excitation of spinal sexual centers, increases sensitivity threshold of sexual activity and decreases over excitation that leads to early ejaculation.

This drug is not directed for treatment of impotency but it can cope with others not less important dysfunction of male sexual system.

In medical practice Confido pills can be used for mental addiction to masturbation. This addiction is not grasped by man but in case of excessive abuse of masturbation, can appear problems of sexual manner: degradation of Libido, absence of desire for women.

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Confido is produced in pills form for oral use. For identifying of dose and recommendation to use, it is better to consult with doctor who will identify diagnosis and the reason of sexual disorder, for sure. • For treatment of premature ejaculation, men are prescribed 1-2 pills of Confido 3 times a day. Duration of drug’s use is 2-4 weeks.

• In case of Spermatorrhea and nocturnal emissions, dosage of drug is 1-2 pills a day during 4-6 weeks.

• For treatment of addiction to masturbation, prescribe 1-2 pills 3 times a day during 8 weeks, or till complete disappearance of this reason.

There were not marked cases of overdose, because vegetable components are taken well by organism even in big doses. But it is not recommended to abuse the use of this drug, because pharmacologic effect can be decreased.


• Confido is not prescribed for men till 18 ages, and also in case of hypersensitivity to components in drug’s contain.

• Drug doesn’t contain narcotic, hormonal substances and also alcohol.

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