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Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium)


Coumadin is an effective medical product reducing the activity of the coagulating system of the blood and preventing the formation of thrombi. It belongs to the group of anticoagulants of the indirect action.

Directions for the use:

- Treatment and prophylaxis of thrombosis and thromboembolism of the vessels

- Acute venous thrombosis

- Formation of thrombi in the lung, brain, and coronary arteries

- Postoperational thrombosis

- Relapses of the venous thrombosis

- Repeated myocardium infraction (treatment and prophylaxis)

It is necessary to have therapy with the help of this drug within the first year after the appearance of the disease, or surgical removal of thrombi. It reduces a risk of the appearance of the repeated symptoms of the disease and improves the blood circulation. Coumadin does not affect the current thrombi but it is able to prevent their further appearance, and therefore the treatment should be started at the first symptoms of the disease.

The optimal anticoagulant action is observed on the 3-5th day from the beginning of the use and stopped in 3-5 days after the use of the last dose. In the process of the treatment you can be sure that this medication will control the activity of the blood coagulation.

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Before the beginning of the treatment it is recommended to go to the medical specialist and have all needed laboratory analyses.

- Coumadin tablets should be taken orally at the same time of the day.

- It is better to take the tablets on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.

- The initial dose is 2,5-5 mg per day.

- The further regime of the dosage is prescribed individually depending on the results of the course of the treatment, prothrombin time and results of the analyses of the blood.

- The length of the treatment is determined by the efficiency of the therapy. The long-term use of the drug does not cause the addiction.


- Before the beginning of the therapy it is necessary to identify the rate of prothrombin time, and then it is necessary to find out the current contraindications for the use.

- Coumadin is contraindicated in case of the severe diseases of liver/kidney/arterial hypertension, diathesis, thrombocytopenia, and also ulcer of stomach and duodenum in the process of the acute conditions.

- This drug is not recommended for the use during pregnancy because in the course of the clinical studies it was found out that the active components of the medicine may cause the bleedings in fetus and its death

- The presence of Coumadin is not dangerous in the breast-milk, and therefore the drug may be used in the period of the lactation.

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