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Cyklokapron (Tranexamic Acid)


Cyklokapron is an assisted medical product used for the prophylaxis and treatment of bleeding in oncology. It has a local and systemic hemostatic action by bleedings connected with pathology of the platelets. It provides an antifibrinolytic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory pharmacological action directed at the maximal reduction of the bloody discharges and also processes affecting the development of the bleedings by the oncological diseases. The antiallergic and anti-inflammatory action is achieved by means of the reduction of the concentration of amino acids remains called peptides, as well as kinin.

Directions for the use

- haemophilia

- bleedings conditioned by the increase of the general and local fibrinolysis

- Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

- esophageal varicose veins dilatation with bleeding

- allergic purpura

- Angioedema

- Diseases of the urinary tract with bleeding

- Gastrointestinal bleeding

- Bloody vomiting

- Nettle rash

- Postnatal bleeding

- Post-menopausal bleeding

- Prenatal bleeding

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The use of this medical remedy should be controlled by a health care provider and prescribed only by the absent of the contraindications for the use in a patient. The course of the treatment is indicated by the attending doctor on the base of the results of the previous analyses which you should have in the medical institution. The dosage and the length of the treatment depend on the condition of the patient and way of the medication use.

- for the oral use it is prescribed Cyklokapron 250-500 mg 3-4 times per day

- the maximal daily dose is 2 g

- the tablets can be taken regardless of eating but each dose should be taken with plenty of water

- it is necessary to follow the indicated dose in order to prevent the appearance of the overdose and unwanted reactions of the body.


- Cyklokapron is contraindicated for the use in case of the increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, hepatic failure, thromboses of the deep veins, and myocardial infraction

- This drug is strongly prohibited during pregnancy

- Using the drug during lactation a child should be on the bottle feeding

- In the course and after the treatment it is necessary to visit ophthalmologist in order to check acuity, field and colored vision by means of the eye ground examination.

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