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Cystone is a combined biologically-active drug which is used for the treatment of the kidney diseases. This vegetable product provides an anti-inflammatory and diuretic action. In the moderate doses it also shows a spasmolytic, antimicrobial, and antiseptic pharmacological action. The vegetable components added to the drug cause a reduction of the content of calcium, oxalic acid, and hydroxyproline in urine. This reduces a risk of the formation of stones in kidney and urinary system.

Often, Cystone is used for urolithiasis to soften and remove phosphate and oxalate calculus. In most cases, after the use of this drug the necessity of having surgery of the removal of the kidney stones disappears in patients.

In addition, this vegetable extract can be used for the treatment of:

- gout

- arresting of the attacks of renal colic

- infections of the urinary system: cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis

- incontinence in women (in complex)

Cystone includes the following active extracts:

Didymocarpuspedicellata (Shilapuspha)

Saxifragaligulata (Pasanabheda)

Rubiacordifolia (Manjishtha)

Cyperusscariosus (Nagarmotha)

Achyranthesaspera (Apamarga)

Onosmabracteatum (Gojiha)

Vernoniacinerea (Sahadevi)

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This drug is released in the tablets of the light brown color with droplets of lighter or darker color.

The tablets are taken orally after eating. The average daily dose is indicated by the type of the disease, and also its severity.

- in case of urolithiasis patients are prescribed 2 tablets 2-3 times per day within 4-6 months or outlet of the stones

- in case of the infections of the urinary system the average dose is 2 tablets 2-3 times a day within 6-12 weeks

- in case of the severe types of the infection this drug is prescribed in combination with antibiotics

- Cystone is also indicated for the treatment of urolithiasis in children, however the dosage and course of the treatment is prescribed individually after the careful clinical examination


- Patients with individual unresponsiveness to any plants included in this drug are not recommended these tablets

- If acute pain in the area of the urinary tracts appears, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug and consult a physician

- It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose as this may cause the allergic reaction.

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