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Darifenacin (Enablex)


Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common disease, equally affects both men and women, the frequency of which increases with age. Prevalence of nosology in the U.S. and Europe is on average 12 to 17%. At the age of 40-44 years old men and women get sick with a frequency of 9% respectively. In the population of 75 years and older - 42 and 31% of patients of both sexes suffer symptoms of overactive bladder. According to the National Overactive Bladder Evaluation (NOBLE), OAB affects approximately 33 million people in the U.S. over 18 years, which significantly affects their quality of life, reduces efficiency and social activity.

The best proved treatment in this case is Darifenacin.

Etiology and pathogenesis of overactive bladder is not completely understood, but the leading cause of urinary frequency and urgency (main components symptom of OAB) in most patients is detrusor overactivity. The last is to increase its number of spontaneous contractions, the increase in detrusor pressure phase accumulation and, consequently, decrease in the effective bladder capacity.

Patients, treated with Darifenacin, clinical improvement was observed after 2 weeks of treatment.

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Where and how to apply Darifenacin?

Pharmacological action - antispasmodic.

The medication is used for the treatment of overactive bladder (persistent urge to urinate, urge incontinence of urine, frequent urination, nocturia).

Darifenacin contraindications are represented by urinary retention, slowing gastric motility, uncontrolled angle-closure glaucoma, increased sensitivity to Darifenacin.

Dosing and administration of Darifenacin

The tablets are taken inside, swallowed whole without chewing, not sharing and not crush.

The drug should be taken one time a day, drinking liquid, regardless of the meal.

When insufficient therapeutic effect, the dose can be increased to 15 mg / day. Dose escalation should be performed 2 weeks after initiation of therapy, taking into account the individual patient's response to treatment.

In elderly patients Darifenacin dose correction is required. Patients with impaired renal function the dose correction is required.

Application with abnormal liver function. In patients with moderate hepatic impairment, Darifenacin dose should not exceed the daily 7.5 mg.

Side effects of Darifenacin

The list of side effects, which can be caused by the drug, is not dangerous. But patients should be aware of possible complications while and after curing.

- dry mouth
- constipation
- indigestion
- nausea
- flatulence
- ulcerative stomatitis
- abdominal pain
- headache
- dizziness
- insomnia
- dysuria
- urinary tract infection
- dry skin
- rashes
- itching
- sweating
- blurred vision
- disturbance of taste sensitivity
- impotence
- vaginitis
- asthenia

Treatment of urinary incontinence in men with Darifenacin

Most often, urinary incontinence in men is treated with the help of medications. Doctors prefer to cure with Darifenacin. But also, when Darifenacin therapy is not effective, they apply physiotherapy techniques, including bladder training, which is formed when conditioned reflex control over impulses and set compulsory treatment of urinary incontinence in men urination.

Some medications for incontinence in men, like Darifenacin, can stop any urination, by blocking nerve signals, which are wrong responsible for bladder contraction. Other medicine, in particular Darifenacin, slow urine.

Darifenacin is a basic medicine, promoting the normalization of urination.

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