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Darunavir (Prezista)


Darunavir is used as a main medication in the antiretroviral therapy. It is released under the trade mark Prezista and widely used within the territory of the USA, Canada, countries of EC and Australia. It is produced by the Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Company.

A mechanism of the pharmacological action is characterized by the inhibition of protease of HIV type 1. The active particles of the drug reach the source of the infection and already infected cells through the blood, and destroy raw products to the certain parts for the development of viruses and infection of new healthy cells. This drug is resistant to mutations causing resistance to the inhibitors of protease. It is often prescribed for the treatment of HIV infection after having therapy by other less effective medical products. Nowadays Darunavir is one of the most effective remedies for HIV infections.

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Darunavir should be taken only after making an exact diagnosis. To do this you need to see your physician and have all needed laboratory analyses, and then it will be possible to prescribe the anti-viral therapy.

The tablets of Darunavir are indicated for the peroral usage during eating taking water with each tablet. The use of the tablets with meal increases the level of the drug in the blood and speed of its uptake, and so the pharmacological efficiency is increased. The standard dose is 600 mg 2 times per day in combination with 100 mg of Ritonavir 2 times a day. The increase of the dose of Darunavir or Ritonavir does not improve the antiviral activity but it may lead to the overdose and appearance of severe side effects.


- The combination of this drug with Ritonavir may cause a severe growth of cholesterol level and triglycerides. Therefore a constant blood control is needed

- Contraindications for the use: increased sensitivity to Darunavir and other components of the drug, childhood and prepubescent years under 18 years old, severe dysfunctions of liver, and allergy to sulfonamides

- It is better to refuse from the use of this drug during pregnancy but this remedy may be prescribed by a qualified physician in emergency

- It is necessary to use the bottle feeding of a child during lactation

- This remedy does not prevent the transfer of HIV infection through the blood or sexual activities, and therefore it is necessary to follow precautions.

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