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Declomycin (Demeclocycline)


Declomycin is tetracycline antibiotic with wide specter of pharmacological action. It is active against broad diapason of bacteria which are sensitive to substance Demeclocycline by name.

Given antibiotic is quite popular all over the world and it is taken against great amount of known infections. However, in case of drug use, there appears quick resistance of microorganism against active substance that leads to impairment of treatment effectiveness. Nowadays, this drug is often used for treatment of Lyme disease, skin infectious diseases such as acne and also for treatment of infectious lesion of airways- bronchitis, pneumonia. It can be also used for treatment of angina, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, ornithosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, anthrax, typhoid, hranomy.

Mechanism of pharmacological action is bacteriostatic. It violates synthesis of pathogenic protein main substance that supports activity of bacteria.

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It is not recommended to use antibiotics in your own way, because only due to correct usage with limited dose effective destroying of all bacteria is possible. Dosage must be prescribed by qualified medical worker who can accurately diagnosis and to identify all contradictions for drug use.

Average dose is Declomycin for adults in case of infections with low and average level of severity is 150mg 4 times a day. ( or 2 tablets per 300mg )

Maximal day dose is 900 mg and it is prescribed in case of severe forms of infection, in case of which is needed immediate destroying of bacteria activity.

Duration of treatment course depends only on form of disease, its severity and sensitivity of microorganisms to active components of antibiotic.

It is not recommended to use more tablets a day than it is prescribed by your doctor.


Declomycin is contradicted for children younger than 8 years in case of hypersensitivity to active substance Demeclocycline, or others antibiotics from group of tetracycline.

In time of pregnancy, it is required to give up use of this drug, because it can violate exchange of calcium in baby and to slow down the growth and forming of bones.

In case of drug usage in lactation period, transfer children on synthetically bio-artificial.

In case of side effects appearance, consult with attending doctor, maybe you need to reduce the dose.

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