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Diamox (Acetazolamide)


Diamox (generic name: Acetazolamide) is a powerful enzyme carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, that balances the fluid secretion. The medication is used to treat definite types of convulsive disorders and abnormal fluid retention. The drug is for oral administration and its effect is sufficient for 12-25 hours depending on the pharmaceutical form. Diamox produces strong influence on the aqueous humor secretion, decreasing its level, thus, decreasing intraocular tension. The reaction is highly advantageous for such conditions as epilepsy and glaucoma. Besides, it is reported to have a positive effect on those suffering from acute mountain sickness.

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Recommendations for Use

Before taking this powerful medication, consult your doctor and provide him/her with full information about your health condition, including all the previously experienced issues and current problems. Inform your healthcare provider about allergies and possible reactions to the medication ingredients.

Diamox is available in tablet and capsule forms, so the intake periodicity and dosage will also depend on this factor. Being prescribed with the pills, you should take them orally, not more than 4 times a day, while the capsules aren’t usually used more than 2 times a day. However, according to the peculiarities and specific features of the organism, your doctor may change the recommendation. Do not disintegrate capsules to preserve a durable effect and reduce the risk of adverse reaction appearance.

Diamox should be taken with plenty of liquids, with or without food. Striving to prevent mountain sickness, take the medication 2 days before climbing and 2 days during the travel. Treating other conditions, follow the daily dose if it is not changed by the doctor. Never change (either decrease or increase) your dosage, strength of the drug or periodicity of the intake without doctor’s permission. Do not interrupt the treatment course suddenly, as it can lead to some side effects. Consult your doctor, let him/her control the situation and direct your actions in order to prevent negative outcomes.

Precautions and Contraindications

Due to the fact that Diamox influences diverse processes in the organism, the patient should be exceptionally cautious to avoid undesirable effects. Remember that your doctor should monitor the whole course of treatment. Tell him/her if you:

• Are allergic to Acetalozamide or other ingredients of the medication

• Suffer from diabetes

• Have ever experienced hyperthyroidism

• Have had cases of difficulty breathing or issues connected with the trouble (chronic bronchitis, emphysema)

• Have an increased calcium level, dehydration or gout, etc.

Never give the treatment to children under 12, as it can change the traditional growth route. Try to limit driving while taking Diamox as it affects vision and can cause blurred or distracted images.

Side Effects

Diamox is the medication that produces a drastic effect, though can cause a range of side effects. The main reason of their appearance is the violation of doctor’s prescription, drug misuse or overuse. Various adverse reactions have been reported affecting both general health and specific organs. Among the most frequently appearing downsides are allergic reactions, hives, swelling, headache, appetite loss, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, fever, pain, itching at the site of injection, flushing, anaphylaxis, flaccid paralysis, metabolism problems, blurred vision, hearing issues, dizziness, confusion and depression.

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