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Diclofenac (Voltaren)


Diclofenac is a strong-acting medical remedy with significant anti-inflammatory pharmacological action. This drug is included in group of non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs. It is produced on base of phenylacetic acid. Pharmacological action of given drug is manifested in inhibition of ferments, which produce prostaglandins. These chemical substances provoke fever, pain, and also inflammations in human’s organism. With decreasing of prostaglandins, inflammations and pain reduce in no time.

Diclofenac got active use in treatment of inflammatory forms of rheumatism:

• Arthrosis

• Neuralgia, neuritis

• Acute gout

• Polyarthritis (including chronic form)

• Soft tissue rheumatism

• Osteochondrosis

According to the fact, that this drug has expressed analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory action, it is successfully used in injures, sprains, bruises, in the after surgery period. Diclofenac is produced in different medical forms, that allows quick localization of injures and neutralization of all symptoms. Nowadays, this drug can be met on pharmacological market in form of: ointments, gels, suppositories, solution for injection, capsules, sustained-release capsules, and pills.

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During the use of Diclofenac for treatment of chronic diseases of bones and joints, and also of different forms of rheumatism, you need to pass careful medical examination. Passing this medical examination you will be prescribed the most optimal dosage of drug and duration of treatment course.

Diclofenac ointment and gel can be use in injures of average and light stage, for quick reducing of symptoms, without doctor’s recommendations, following the instruction of use.

• With use intramuscular injection, the dosage of drug is 75mg (1 ampoule) in a day. Maximal day dose is 2 ampoules -150mg

• With use Diclofenac pills, day dose becomes 50-15 mg, divided in 2-3 medications.

• Gel and ointment are applied by thin layer on affected place of skin on focus of inflammation and slightly rubbing. Procedure is should be repeated 2-3 times in a day.


• It needed to avoid falling of ointment\gel on opened places of injury.

• Diclofenac is contradicted in case of gastric ulcer, allergy on active ingredients of the drug, acute bronchitis, and urticaria.

• Tell your doctor about all medications that you use without prescription.

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