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Didanosine (Dinex)


Didanosine is an antiviral medical product. In most cases this drug is used as a part of the antiretroviral therapy. FDA has approved this medication for the treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus and now it takes a leading position according to its popularity.

A high efficiency of the HIV treatment is achieved by means of the inhibition of reverse transcriptase of HIV and synthesis blocking of the viral DNA. In plain English, Didanosine terminates the nutritious chain of the infected cells, and thus the relapses of the virus are gradually reduced and its development starts failing. At the same time the rates of the peripheral blood and content of the viral protein in the blood become normal. This drug provides a high-efficiency action but as a rule it is prescribed after the therapy by the weaker medical products. Oftentimes, this medication is prescribed for the treatment of HIV and AIDS with the expressed clinical manifestations of the infections in case of the inefficiency or intolerance of zidovudine.

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The application of Didanosine must be under the supervision of the qualified medical professional. Patients are needed a constant control of the clinical analyses of the blood and also reaction of the virus to the drug action.

General recommendation for the use of this medication may be inappropriate as the clinical image of the course of the human immunodeficiency virus may be completely different between each other and so the treatment should be prescribed individually.

- Didanosine is taken orally. The capsules have to be swallowed as a whole without chewing it. The use is preferable on an empty stomach.

- The daily dose depends on the human body weight and must be adjusted by the physician.

- The dose for adults with the body weight of 60 kg and more is 200-250 mg 2 times per day.

- If the body weight is lower than 60 kg, it will be 125-167 mg 2 times per day.

- It is desirable to follow the same interval between the drug use 12 hours.

- The length of the therapy is strictly individual and may be up to two years


- Didanosine is not recommended for the use in combination with estrogens, methyldopa, furosemide, sulfonamides, tetracycline, thiazide diuretic because a risk of pancreatitis occurrence develops.

- Patients with allergy to the active components of this medication must refuse from the consumption.

- During pregnancy and in the period of the breast-feeding this medication is not recommended, however in case of emergency your doctor should prescribed an individual prescription and dose.

- Children should have an ophthalmologic examination from time to time

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