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Diltiazem HCL(Angizem)


Diltiazem HCL is available in tablet form and as either a time-capsule or dual-release capsule. All forms of Diltiazem HCL are taken by mouth. The tablet form is taken either three or four times each day. Although the tablet variety doesn't have to be taken with food, it's recommended to do so because it makes it easier to form a schedule that's easy to remember if it's taken at meal/snack time.

The capsule forms are only taken once or twice per day. The extended-release capsule should be taken a minimum of one hour prior to taking food. Be aware that the extended-release capsules don't break down in the stomach after they're swallowed. They remain intact until they reach the small intestines so the medication can be slowly released. It isn't unusual for the shell of the capsule to appear when you have a bowel movement.

The dual-release capsule can be taken without food. Swallow the whole capsule; don't crush it, chew it or try to split it. Speak with your doctor before you use potassium-based salt substitutes along with this medication. Carefully and closely follow instructions if you must maintain a low sodium diet. For identification purposes of generic and brand name Diltiazem HCL, round tablets come in 30mg (blue) imprinted with 3101 on one side and BRL30 on the other, a 30mg (blue) imprinted COPLEY 631 and 30mg (white) imprinted M23. Also, round 60mg (orange) imprinted 93 319 and 60mg (white) imprinted M 45. A capsule shaped 120mg (white) is imprinted with M525.

There's an elliptical (oval) 90mg (blue) imprinted WATSON 777 and a similarly shaped 90mg (white) imprinted M 135. A capsule-shaped 120mg (pink) is imprinted 93 22 and a capsule-shaped extended-release 360mg (green) has the imprint 360 360.

The strength and form of your prescribed dosage of Diltiazem will depend on what the treatment is for and how well your body responds to it. Your doctor might increase the dosage gradually if you require it. It can take up to two weeks to experience the complete benefits of Diltiazem HCL. Once you start taking it, don't discontinue it without speaking with your physician. To achieve the optimum benefit from using Diltiazem HCL, take it as prescribed. Otherwise, there is a greater probability of an angina attack. It can't be taken to remedy an angina attack. Sublingual nitroglycerin or a similar medication should be used for relief instead.

If you happen to miss a dose, take it as soon as you become aware that you missed it. That is, unless it's close to your scheduled next dosage. Then you would skip the missed dose and continue with your usual schedule. Never double-up to make up for missing a dose. Store Diltiazem HCL at room temperature in a tightly secured container. Keep it away from moisture. Immediately contact your local emergency services in the event of an overdose.

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Recommendations For Diltiazem HCL

Diltiazem HCL is a commonly prescribed calcium channel blocker. It causes the blood vessels to relax. The pulse rate is lowered by allowing the blood to circulate easier. The heart doesn't have to work so hard to function as a pump. An added benefit of this increased cardio efficiency is an increased blood and oxygen supply to the heart.

Diltiazem HCL is prescribed for the treatment of rapid or irregular heart beats, characteristic of medical conditions such as atrial fibrillation. High blood pressure is sometimes addressed with long-acting varieties of Diltiazem HCL. It's important to consult with your pharmacist if Diltiazem HCL is prescribed for this purpose to be sure you are receiving the drug in the appropriate form for this condition.

Diltiazem HCL is also prescribed for the treatment of Raynaud's syndrome as well as other symptom management uses. Always consult with your physician for more information about taking Diltiazem HCL for your particular health situation.

While taking Diltiazem HCL, it's important to keep your medical appointments. Your blood pressure will be monitored regularly to determine your response to Diltiazem HCL. The doctor might also request that you monitor your own pulse rate each day and to call for a possible modification in the dosage instructions if there is a fluctuation that requires it.

Side Effects

There aren't serious side effects generally associated with Diltiazem HCL but it's important to be aware of which side effects can occur. It's possible to feel lightheaded or dizzy. To lower the chances of this happening, rise slowly when you are getting up from a prone or seated position. You could experience nausea or flushing of the skin when taking Diltiazem HCL. Headaches and general weakness can occur. If any of these symptoms are prolonged or become worse, notify your physician or your pharmacist immediately.

Diltiazem HCL is considered by medical professionals to provide much health benefits with a very low risk of any serious side effects. Most clients who take Diltiazem HCL never experience any. However, note any of the following unlikely symptoms and call your doctor right away if they occur. Fainting, irregular heartbeat and unexplained fatigue should all be reported. Also, report swollen feet or ankles, sudden unexplained weight gain and difficulty breathing. Mental side effects include feelings of anxiety or depression. Mood swings, prolonged agitation and unusual dreams must be reported to the doctor as soon as possible, too.

Don't hesitate to report the most serious and extreme side effects of Diltiazem HCL if and when they occur. They include the yellowing of your skin and/or your eyes. Severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea and dark urine require immediate medical attention.

Serious Allergic reactions to Diltiazem HCL are extremely rare. If there are any noticeable allergic responses to this medication, seek immediate medical assistance. Allergy symptoms may include developing a rash and itching or swelling, particularly of the facial area, throat or tongue. Feeling extremely dizzy or experiencing breathing problems requires immediate professional evaluation.

There are several more possible side effects beyond those that have been mentioned here. If you experience any side effects at all, be sure to inform your doctor.

Benefits of Buying Diltiazem HCL Online

Diltiazem HCL can be ordered from the privacy and convenience of your own home or office. There's no need to make a trip to the pharmacy and spend valuable time waiting in line. You'll realize substantial savings by purchasing Diltiazem HCL online. Eliminate overhead costs associated with a brick and mortar pharmacy. It's one more way to stretch your health-care budget.

Your Diltiazem HCL is quickly sent directly to your door. Online pharmacies have your medication on-hand in bulk in a distribution center. Your order is filled as soon as it arrives and shipped directly upon payment. It doesn't get any easier.

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