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Diltiazem Cream


Diltiazem Cream is an excellent remedy for the treatment of the affected skin and mucous covers. Oftentimes, this cream is applied for the treatment of the chronic anal fissures which cause big discomfort and severe pain sensations in patients. The anal fissures are longitudinal rupture, wound or ulcer between dentate line and edge of anus. The anal fissure may appear at any age but they are typical for young people. The fissures often appear without any reasons but may appear because of the loose stool, diarrhea, or on the contrary constipations when firm stool pass through anus.

This proctological disease is untreatable by the common tablets, and therefore Diltiazem Cream is the best remedy which relieves the symptoms and helps wounds to cicatrize quickly. This cream helps fissures to accrete and stop bleeding, and also relax muscles of sphincter preventing new ruptures and appearance of new fissures.

A big plus of this remedy is absence of the side effects. Using cream there are no irritation and itching typical for other drugs of the identical purpose. That is why the treatment is fast and provides patients the additional discomfort

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Diltiazem Cream is applied by thin layer around anus. Then it is necessary to apply the cream to one finger and apply the drug deeply inside the sphincter. The frequency of the procedure is prescribed each patient individually depending on the level of the severity of the disease and secondary conditions. Usually, the procedure is repeated 2 times a day. The length of the treatment depends on many factors but usually the course of the treatment lasts for 8-12 weeks.

During the treatment, try to use the products which contain a lot of cellulose and will not cause constipations. Do not use much coffee, tea and you should increase the consumption of the liquid and cultured milk foods. After each process of defecation it is necessary to wash the area of the sphincter.

If you have questions as for the treatment, it is necessary to go to a doctor and consult about the treatment and efficiency of this cream in the treatment of your problem.


- Do not take Diltiazem Cream in case of the individual intolerance of the medical products included in this medication.

- In case of the relapses it is necessary to go to a health care provider and find out a cause of the increased symptoms.

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