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Dostinex (Cabergoline)


Dostinex is modern medical remedy which stimulates activity of dopamine receptors and regulates hormonal level in organism of woman. Given drug has wide pharmacological action relating the regulation of hormonal background, that’s why it is able to restore menstrual cycle and fertility, it normalizes contain of prolactin in blood, due to that, level of estrogen is increasing in blood and ovulation normalizes. Pharmacological action of this medical remedy can reduce the symptoms severity of such disease like: edema, osteoporosis, acne, and increased body weight.

Dostinex is also prescribed to men for restoring of normal testosterone level and reducing of prolactin. According to that fact, occurs process of such symptoms reducing as: erectile dysfunction, impotence, and gynecomastia.

More often, given drug is used for treatment and prevention of: disorders connected with hyperprolactinemia, including such functional disorders as amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, anovulation, galactorrhea, for prevention of physiologic postpartum lactation, lactation after abortion, and domination already established lactation.

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According to the fact that action of given drug has serious and powerful manner, it is required to accurately identify for what aim is needed its usage and from what doses is better to begin treatment. For that are organized clinical researches, are passed medical tests, including hormonal changes. Recommendations for usage are established by medical worker.

• It is better to take tablets inside, preferably in time of eating.

• For prevention of lactation is prescribed in dose 1mg (2 tab. ) once in first day after giving birth.

• For inhibition of established lactation is prescribed per 0.25mg (1/2 tab.) 2 time/day during 2 days

• In case of others diseases, dosage is established individually according to severity of drug and also to general indications of patients health.


• In case of continues treatment, regular gynecologic survey is required which includes histological analyses.

• Dostinex is categorically contradicted in case of allergy on active substances of drug, and in time of pregnancy.

• In case postpartum arterial hypertension, it is not recommended to use this drug.

• It is better to avoid pregnancy during not less than 1 month after stopping the treatment by Dostinex drug.

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