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Dragon Power


The complex composition of Dragon Power pills is represented by the dwarf palm extract, which provides a tonic effect on male reproductive system. According to statistics, men are more subjected to disruption of the prostate gland with age, which puts the entire health system in jeopardy.

Dragon Power includes cysteine, one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. Cysteine and vitamin C enhance the antioxidant effect of palmetto extract and contribute to the overall body strengthening; Dragon Power is typically recommended for post-illnesses treatment as well as during increased physical, mental and emotional stresses.

Palmetto (pharmaceutical name ‘serenoa repens’) fruits ripen in the fall from inconspicuous serenoa flowers growing on the east coast of North America. For centuries, the flowers have been used to achieve outstanding rejuvenation effect. In folk medicine of Native American the so-called ‘black berry’ was applied for bladder diseases treatment, as well as for urethra and prostate ailments elimination. Nowadays the interest to palmetto is explained by the unique properties of the flower, inherent to a tiny group of plants, capable of blocking the development of prostate adenoma. For these reasons, the extract is fairly referred to the triple A class remedies for men and effective components of dietary supplements.

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Dragon Power indications for use

Dragon Power belongs to the group of wide spectrum effect natural preparations, providing the following effects:

• Restores the body, improves performance and eliminates stress effects
• Normalizes the prostate gland functioning
• Contributes hormonal balance and full reproductive function restoration
• Improves sexual activity
• Improves the functional status of the urinary system and provides anti-inflammatory effect
• Prevents and treats male genitourinary system diseases

Dragon Power pills are typically prescribed for 2 intakes (1 or 2 capsules) each 24 hours with a glass of warm water.

Dragon Power Ingredients

Palmetto fruit extract is one of the most effective agents for prostate diseases that regulates the hormonal balance in the male body, has a tonic effect on the reproductive system and normalizes the function of the prostate gland.

Cysteine, an active ingredient, is a sulfur-containing amino acid that contributes to detoxification processes in the human body. Cysteine boasting a protective function, linking toxic heavy metal ions capability and toxins neutralization, thus protecting the body from the damaging effects of radiation. The antioxidant effect of Dragon Power is enhanced while taking vitamin C.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science that boosts the efficiency of other antioxidants. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory actions, strengthens the natural protective functions of the body and helps to prevent viral and bacterial infections. The ingredient participates in the regulation of redox processes, hydrocarbon and lipid metabolism, as well as blood coagulation. Dragon Power precautions

According to pharmaceutical manufacturer, Dragon Power boasts mild and gentle effect with the amount of side effect cases reaching zero level. Taking into account the natural origin of the preparation and the absence of any artificial components, the chance of side effects are dramatically low, though the manufacturer warns about possible idiosyncrasy. Therefore, you must stop taking pills and consult your treating doctor if any deterioration signs are monitored.

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