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Dutas (Dutasteride)


Generic - dutasteride
Drug class - 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors
Main indication - BHT, hair loss (non-clinical use)
Manufacturer - Dr. Reddy’s
Pregnancy category - not for use in pregnancy
FDA records - starting from 2001
Administration type - oral intake

Dutasteride, the active substance of Dutas, is the generic preparation manufactured by the Indian corporation Dr. Reddy’s, represents the group of reductase inhibitors, designed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia; the preparation is also used for hair-regrowth purposes

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Pharmacological effect

The male sex hormone, testosterone, under the reductase enzyme is transformed into dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the expansion of the parenchymal tissue of the prostate gland. To suppress the enzymatic activity of this group of substances a brand-new substance, dutasteride, is used. The effect of dutasteride-based drugs, and Dutas in particular, is dose-dependent. The first signs of improvement should be expected no earlier than 2 weeks after the start of treatment. Laboratory trials have confirmed the reduction of dihydrotestosterone no less than 85 percent in the preparation.

Reducing the level of DHT leads to some reduction in the volume of glandular tissue of the prostate that are clinically expressed in improving the urodynamics; it normalizes the state of health of patients, reducing the need for surgical treatment, prevents the development of complications of disease and reduces the risk of acute urinary retention. The ingestion of 500 micrograms of drug (an average optimal dose) in the blood plasma is formed after about three hours after the intake.

The distribution of the body's tissues is not uniform: the maximum concentration is observed in adipose tissue, prostate, semen and certain other biological fluids. And, importantly, in the organs of the reproductive sphere, this figure reaches a maximum value no earlier than 6 months from the start of treatment, and only when dutasteride daily intake is taken in no less than 500 micrograms dose. The half-life is dependent on the duration of use of the drug. After a single admission to the recommended dosage, this period doesn’t exceed 3 - 5 days.

Metabolization reactions of dutasteride occur in the liver with the formation of several inactive metabolites. Excretion of more than 99 percent is carried out with feces in the form of metabolites and partly in an unmodified state.


Appointment of Dutas drugs is carried out only in the presence of a disease - benign prostatic hyperplasia. Only a specialist can recommend or cancel supplementation and certainly after a thorough examination of the patient. In non clinical treatment the preparation is used for hair regrowth purposes.


Appointment of dutasteride is contraindicated in case of an individual intolerance of the main component of the drug, as well as all other reductase inhibitors.

Application and dosage

Dutas is typically appointed for use in an amount of 500 micrograms per day (the same dosage is used in hair loss treatment). The duration of treatment procedure doesn’t go beyond 6 months. In some cases, the doctor may recommend a prolongation of treatment after a break. The old age of the patient, as well as diseases of the excretory system, are not the reason for the correction of the dosage of drugs.

Side effects

The admission of the drug rarely is accompanied by adverse side effects. However, in some cases, the following undesirable symptoms may develop: decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, gynecomastia (increased breast glands in men), allergic skin manifestations in the form of localized swelling, rash, and redness or peeling. In this case, you must stop using the drug; a professional consultation is required in this case.

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