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Eldepryl (Selegiline)


Eldepryl is a trading name of the active ingredient Selegiline. This ingredient selectively blocks monoamine oxidase B enzyme (MAO-B) and reduces the symptoms of the Parkinsonís disease.

It is medically proved that Parkinsonís disease is related to the death of the cells produced by dopamine mediator. The lower level of this mediator is, the severer a disorder of the muscle tone and a regulation of the movements are. Therefore, patients with this pathology have a severe tremor, general tightness, disorder of the movements, and others. Eldepryl slows down a development of the disease by means of the blocking of MAO-B enzyme that plays the main role in the catabolism of dopamine.

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Eldepryl selectively acts on MAO-B and does not affect the work of MAO-A enzyme which is responsible for the catabolism of histamine, serotonin, noradrenaline, and others. Therefore, their concentration is not increased during the use of Eldepryl.

The use of Eldepryl does not cause a severe increase of the dopamine concentration but it can stop a process of its catabolism in the body and slow down a process of the death of the nervous cells. A low increase of the dopamine level appears because Eldepryl forms metabolites inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine in synapsis. Due to this, the main symptoms of the Parkinsonís disease are gone.

The main peculiarity of Eldepryl is a reversibility of its pharmacological action. It is possible to completely control a course of the disease during the use of the Eldepryl. But after the end of the therapy, the work of MAO-B is completely restored within 14 days, and a process of the dopamine acidification is started again.

In what dose is Eldepryl used?

Eldepryl may be used during the following diseases:

- Parkinson's disease
- Symptomatic parkinsonism
- Complex therapy of Alzheimer's disease
- Complex therapy of endogenous depressions

Eldepryl is produced in capsules 5 mg for the oral application. You have to take the capsules Eldepryl entirely without breaking them and mixing with food.

- Eldepryl 5 mg is used once per day in the morning, 15 minutes before breakfast during the initial stage of the Parkinsonís disease - If severe form of the Parkinsonís disease, Eldepryl 5 mg is used 2 times per day: 1 capsule before breakfast, and 1 capsule before sleeping

In case of the low efficacy, a complex therapy is possible in combination with other drugs for the treatment of the Parkinsonís disease. But in this case, a dose of Eldepryl and/or other medical products should be decreased.

Eldepryl does not cause a medical addiction, and therefore patients are prescribed a long-term treatment. The use of Eldepryl should be stopped only if the recommended doses (up to 10 mg per day) do not give a therapeutic result, and Eldepryl does not control the course of the disease.


- Eldepryl may be used in 5-6 weeks after the end of taking any antidepressants
- If acute mental disorders, the use of Eldepryl is contraindicated
- Do not take Eldepryl if you have exacerbation of stomach ulcers, pronounced prostatic hyperplasia with impairment of urine outflow, severe chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. Patients under 18 years old do not take Eldepryl
- Patients with pancreatic diabetes should be careful during the use of Eldepryl because it may lead to the prolongation of hypoglycemia
- The use of Eldepryl is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation

Possible side effects

The side effect of Eldepryl may be associated with high sensitivity to Selegiline or incorrect dosing. Individual reactions usually have a light form and do not cause a severe discomfort.

The side effects of Eldepryl are usually involuntary movements, nausea, agitation, hallucinations, headache, cardiac arrhythmia and dizziness, difficulty urinating. If the side effects bother you, consult a physician.

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