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Electronic cigarette


Electronic cigarette is not created in order to make quit smoking. This is an electronic device which imitates tobacco smoking by means of the generation of the steam. It is indicated to replace harmful cigarettes by the safer and affordable devices. Smoking everywhere electronic cigarette allows you to smoke in any place because using this electronic device you do not have to leave room or another place even if it is for nonsmokers. You will be comfortable in any company and even if your friends cannot bear a smell of cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are irreplaceable product.

However another positive fact of smoking everywhere electronic cigarette is an opportunity to give up tobacco smoking and free yourself from the narcotic addiction of cigarettes. Gradually you will see that steam released from the cigarette is more pleasant that the common tobacco, and you will not return to the former cigarettes. And you will gradually refuse from this product, a substitute of the bad tobacco. Due to the complete imitation of smoking you will be able to quit smoking forever or replace the common cigarettes!

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The process of the electronic cigarette use does not differ from smoking of the usual tobacco product. You can smoking everywhere electronic cigarette if you want to feel the tobacco smoke as well.

Inhaling the steam which may contain nicotine gustatory and aromatic senses of the real tobacco smoke appear. One of the important factors of changing of the common cigarettes into electronic ones is that this cigarette does not contain carcinogenic compounds which do harm not only a smoking person but also passive smokers. And in most cases these are people we spend our time together and love them. Buying electronic cigarettes you take care of not only yourself but also these people.


Electronic cigarettes are not dangerous for health but you should remember that you will not quit smoking at once. In fact, to quit smoking it is necessary to make a lot of efforts.

Electronic cigarettes imitating real ones create more comfortable and safe conditions for smokers and people around him/her. They cause no side effects.

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