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Elidel Cream


Elidel is the brand name for the generic drug pimecrolimus. It is available in the form of 1% cream. It is used in the treatment of eczema. It works by reducing the effectiveness of the immune system in your body so that eczema is cured. Elidel is used when other medications for treating eczema does not work out. Elidel cream 1% is available in tubes of 30 grams, 60 grams, and 100 grams.

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If there is no improvement in your skin condition after using Elidel for about 6 weeks, it is better to consult your doctor before using it further. Before taking Elidel cream for your treatment inform your doctor if you have skin cancer or any skin disorders, weak immune system, kidney disorders, and irritation in your skin. You should know that Elidel cream is not for long term use. Apply the cream in thin layer with minimum required. Do not wash the applied area or take bath after applying Elidel cream as it might get washed. Do cover the area applied with Elidel cream. A moisturizing cream might also be recommended by your doctor to keep the skin from drying.


Some of the side effects that you may encounter upon using Elidel are allergic reactions like hives, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of tongue, lips, and face. If you also encounter serious side effects like worsened skins, itching and oozing of skin infections, chills or body aches, it is better to call your doctor immediately. Some less serious side effects might also occur. They are swollen hair follicles, muscle pain, headache, sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, acne, soreness of treated skin and stuffy nose. If you happen to experience these less serious side effects you can continue to use Elidel cream. Children less than 2 years of age should not use Elidel cream.

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